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QUOTE (Johnj @ Nov 9 2011, 09:36 PM) John Dean was a great influence on me during my youth. A few years older than me, he arrived back on the local scene after finishing his national service.

He was the most friendliest cyclist I have ever met and although we both left the Yiewsley RC for different clubs, John to the Middlesex RC and me to Uxbridge Wheelers, we remained the best of friends and whenever we rode in the same event the first result we would look for was each other’s. John also had an unique riding style, his day job was a gas fitter and he spent all day riding a sit up bike with a big bag of tools on the handlebars. Consequently this style transferred to his racing bike and you could always see him coming due to his legs sticking out at 45 degrees.

I remember riding in the National Championship 12 in 1961, I had a broken wrist still in plaster and although I had not caught John I was well up on him. When I passed him at the roadside after he had finished I knew I had beaten him and promptly stopped at the next timekeeper. The timekeeper berated me, I still had 15 minutes left but I was satisfied with my efforts. Looking back at the result I should have ridden at least another mile for I would have been placed well up in the top 10. But that day it was only beating John that mattered!

Apart from cycling his other passion was ballroom dancing and he was to be found at Burtons Dance Hall most Saturday evenings during the social season. At all the local cycling club dinners his pasa doble was the highlight of the evening. Whenever I meet up with my old cycling colleagues antedotes of John are always well to the front of our conversations and reminiscences.

My families condolences to Pam, his daughter and grandchildren and also to his brothers.

RIP John you were a great guy and will always be remembered by all who were lucky enough to enjoy your company and friendship.

(from: Johnj)

I think you did your mate proud there – well done.
I did not know John but RIP

(from: GER)



Great epitaph John – RIP

(from: PaulW)