Press Reports 2011

Report – January 2nd, 2011 – Part 1

Cyclists’ Annual Prize Dinner

60 Members and Friends attended the Club’s Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation at the Cheshire Tavern. Georgina Norton organised this and her husband and Club Chairman, Bob Norton welcomed the Visitors and especially our Guest of Honour, Jim Gresty and his wife, Helen. The Grestys lived in The Potteries but now live in Market Drayton and know our Club Members very well due to their long-time Committee Treasurer / Auditor responsibilities at Club, District and National level, as well as their group rides and local Time Trials in our area. Consequently, it was not too difficult for Jim to talk about our Club history and activities. We enjoyed his stories about their racing and touring activities over the years, although he was too shy to mention his many National and Group / Area Championship wins and Age Records (so Bob Norton covered these in his Welcome).

The photo shows Jim Gresty on left being greeted by Bob Norton prior to the Awards Presentation.


AUDAX (GRAHAM McCARGO CUP)                         DENISE HURST

CLUB EVENTS (BILL MEES TROPHY)                     KARL AUSTIN 25.340mph


CLUBROOM ATTENDANCE                                     KARL AUSTIN


CLUBMAN OF THE YEAR                                          GEORGINA NORTON


LADIES B.A.R.                                                            DENISE HURST 22.239mph

LADIES TOURING                                                      GERRY GOLDSMITH

MENS TOURING                                                        ROB WAGHORN


MOUNTAIN BIKING                                                  STEVE SLADIN





VETERANS HILL CLIMB                                             STEPHEN JACKSON 7m 17s


FASTEST 25 (GEOFF BURT MEMORIAL)                ALF HILTON 50m 54s

FASTEST 50 (VEN MACHIN TROPHY)                     NEIL SKELLERN 1h 44m14s

FASTEST 100 (L H BROOKS TROPHY)                  ALF HILTON 3h 45m 33s




KARL AUSTIN             CLUB EVENTS  25.340mph

NEIL SKELLERN        VETERANS B.A.R.  + 2hrs 13m 41s

ALF HILTON   SENIOR B.A.R.  28.254 mph




ALF HILTON   VETERANS B.A.R. +2hrs 11m 05s

NEIL SKELLERN        SENIOR B.A.R. 27.700 mph




KARL AUSTIN             VETERANS B.A.R. +1hr 37m 50s

KARL AUSTIN             SENIOR B.A.R. 25.044mph



ALF HILTON                275.34 MILES

KARL AUSTIN             242.126 MILES

DENISE HURST         215.46 MILES



KARL AUSTIN             440.325 MILES





New Year’s Day Walk

It has become tradition that Congleton Cycling Club’s first event of the New Year is on foot rather than on bikes. This year there were 10 “walkers” who set off from Park Street to ascend the Cloud. This was achieved via a combination of Biddulph Valley Way, canal towpath, road and path, on what was a rather gloomy day. Panoramic views over Cheshire and Staffordshire and beyond could only be imagined. None-the-less the walk was enjoyed, especially the refreshment in the Church House on the way back. The photo shows, from the left: David Hurst, Denise Hurst, Roy Hayhurst, Peter Nelson, Linda Austin, Rita Waring, Georgina Norton, Bob Norton and Karl Austin. Joyce Austin took the photograph in the mist at the Cloud Trig Point.

Clubrun on 2nd January to Beeston

On a clear and dry but cold morning, eight riders headed for the Lock Tea Room at Beeston, via, Middlewich, Church Minshull and Alpraham. Denise and David Hurst, Georgina and Bob Norton, Roy and Peter Hayhurst, Stephen Kane and Peter Nelson performed various antics to try and get warm without having to ride too fast. After a warming lunch, they returned via Haslington and Hassall Green to complete this 65 mile de-tox ride in broad daylight.

Future Fixtures

Sundays 9th and 16th January: Clubruns at 9.30 from the Rugby Club

Saturday, 15th January: Social Ride at 10.00 from West Heath Shopping Centre, Holmes Chapel Road entrance.

Sunday, 23rd January: Reliability Rides – 49 and 27 miles. 9.15 for 9.30 start.

Sunday, 30th January: M&DTTA Lunch and Prize Presentation at Middlewich.

Sunday, 6th February: Reliability Ride – 65 miles. 9.15 for 9.30 start.

Report – January 2nd, 2011 – Part 2

Stephen steps down a gear

Stephen Sebire, the long-standing President of Congleton Cycling Club and keen Penny-Farthing rider, celebrated his retirement from Office after 50 years of loyal support and promotion of the Club’s aims and activities. Along with our New President, Tony Willis, and others, he was instrumental in resurrecting the Congleton Cycling Club and the Congleton Carnival in 1961. For those Readers who do not know about his “Berisford’s connection”: The Sebire Family is related to the Berisfords of “Ribbon & Bows” fame and Stephen Sebire was was Managing Director of the Berisfords Ribbons Company and later he established Airbags International in Congleton.

Mr Sebire distributed an 8-page “Congleton C.C.” booklet containing photos and Chronicle articles of historical events from 1961 to 2000 and an excellent poem about his memorable activities, which had been written by his personal poet, David Hayes. He earned much laughter and applause with his recital of the poem which we reproduce (with his permission) below:

Poem by David Hayes; Inspiration by Stephen Sebire.


From way back in my boyhood
I have had a lot to do
With All kinds on Velocipedes;
That’s bicycles to you!
On hearing we’d a bikers’ club
I went along to see
And soon became a member
Of the Congleton C.C.
Since then I’ve been an addict,
Having endless hours of fun
With hill climbs, mountain bikes and tourers
And, at times, the weekly run.
There’s also been the social side,
The camaraderie,
The bracing air, the exercise,
The feeling that you’re free!
And, being the sort of bloke I am,
Determined, loud, impatient,
I got myself involved quite soon
In club administration.
The Club made me the President,
An honour I hold dear,
I loved the post, but this, alas,
Must be the final year.
A chance for someone else to stand,
A gear change, if you like,
Resulting in advantages
To cyclist, Club and bike.
I look back on the years gone by,
As ageing people do,
And always my mind’s eye returns
To nineteen seventy two.
That was the famous Charter Year
When we the C.C.C.
Felt something big was needed
For the Anniversary.
All sorts of wild suggestions
Were proposed, discussed, rejected,
Till a race for Penny Farthing bikes
Was finally accepted.
Invites were issued, routes were planned,
With marshals standing by,
This novelty attraction
Really caught the public’s eye.
To us four decades later
It might sound a bit absurd,
But remember: it was Carnival,
By the way, I finished third!
Now Tony’s my successor,
He’s a cyclist through and through,
So support him and encourage him
In what he tries to do.
I thank you for the loyalty
You’ve shown throughout my spell:
Be happy, “Merry Christmas”,
And keep pedalling like Hell!!


Articles and photographs – courtesy of the “Chronicle”.

Brochure contents edited by Tony Willis.

Printed by Bellboy Print, Congleton.

Report – January 30th 2011

News from Congleton Cycling Club

8th Jan – CTT B.A.R. Prize Presentation (Champions Night) in Nottingham

Neil Skellern and wife Lynne enjoyed the dinner table company of the Twickenham 24-hour riders and the speeches and banter by Guest of Honour, Magnus Backstedt and compère, David Harmon. Skellern, plus Alf Hilton, were honoured for their 10th and 9th placings respectively, in the CTT 2010 Best All-Rounder Competition based on 50- and 100-miles and 12-Hours, plus the 3rd Team placing, together with Karl Austin, behind two sponsored clubs – i.e. 1st of the non-sponsored clubs. For Skellern, this was his 6th invitation due to achieving a Top-12 position each year (and 7th in total due to winning a Team Medal one year). 

9th Jan – Clubrun to Delamere Station Café

Denise Hurst, Georgina and Bob Norton, Chris Foster, Stephen Jackson, Stephen Kane and Peter Nelson enjoyed the un-seasonal, mildish weather on this 60-mile outing. 

12th Jan – Beartown Brewery Tour

Thirteen Members were guided by owner, Ian Burns (former Club Member) through the company history and the brewing process which including sampling of various brews and their malts. This was followed by a buffet and beers in his Beartown Tap. Naturally, a game of darts could not be missed – so a Good (and Informative) Time was enjoyed by one-and-all.

16th Jan – Club-Run to High Legh Garden Centre

Denise and David Hurst, Georgina and Bob Norton, Stephen Kane, Peter Nelson had a dry ride via Radnor Bank and Plumley but as soon as they reached the lunch stop the heavy rain commenced so they had to brave the very wet conditions for the return ride via Knutsford, Bate Mill and Radnor Bank. 

20th Jan – Club-Night Quiz

27 Members and Friends had another fun evening with John Dean’s quiz – full of interesting, non-cycling, questions which was made even more sociable with the tasty buffet prepared by our Social Secretary, Georgina Norton, supported by Beryl Swash. –  plus, the well-supported Rugby Club bar. The overall winners of the three sets of questions were The Stragglers, closely followed by a tie between Elworth Eagles and Tony & Co. We want more quiz nights! 

23rd Jan – 1st Reliability Ride of 49-miles

How lucky we were with the weather – calm and cool and dry! 31 riders successfully completed the ride (with only 1 puncture reported) via Bosley, Gawsworth, Broken Cross, Alderley, Ollerton, Middlewich, Crewe, Haslington, Hassall Green and Astbury: 19 from our Congleton Club, 10 from Leek, 1 from Lyme and 1 from Sandbach. The leading group, with Neil Skellern at the front, completed the route in 2 hours 40 minutes. We all enjoyed Joyce Austin’s refreshments at the end and expressed our thanks to her for the professional organisation (as usual). 

30th Jan – MDTTA Prize Presentation – Top Honours for our Club

Following a short clubrun, in deceptively chilly conditions, 12 Members were glad of the warmth of Middlewich Masonic Hall for this great social occasion and the annual hot-pot lunch – which was as good as ever! The MDTTA covers all Time Trial events in Greater Manchester, The Potteries, Cheshire, Lancashire south and Derbyshire west. Thanks to our top riders – Alf Hilton, Neil Skellern, Karl Austin and Denise Hurst – our Club was awarded the vast majority of the main prizes! Fortunately, two of our Members came in their cars, which were then filled to the roof with Trophies and Shields. 

Future Fixtures

Sunday, 6th February: Reliability Ride – 65 miles. 9.15 for 9.30 start at the Rugby Club.

Saturday, 19th February: Social Ride with café stop. 10.00 at West Heath Shopping Centre, Holmes Chapel Road entrance. 

Report – February 27th, 2011

6th Feb – 2nd Reliability Ride – 65-miles

12 Members: Georgina & Bob Norton, Denise & David Hurst, Heather Pearce, Karl Austin, Tony Elliott, Wayne Jackson, Stephen Kane, Edgar Reynolds, Neil Skellern and Mark Tilstone, plus 14 Guests, tackled the Cheshire lanes via Middlewich, Church Minshull, Cotebrook, Willington to the turn beyond Tarvin. Avoiding the temptation of a refreshment stop at Elvis’s Café, they continued through Delamere Forest, Norley, Acton Bridge, Great Budworth and Tabley. The final leg proved tough for most riders, as it was into a headwind; via Knutsford, Over Peover, Bate Mill, Lower Withington and Giantswood Lane. They all enjoyed Joyce Austin’s refreshments at the end and expressed their thanks to her for her professional organisation (as usual). 

20th Feb – 3rd Reliability Ride – 100-miles

11 Members and 3 Guests completed this tough ride, which included the hilly section after Madeley and then the muddy lanes to Hodnet. The 8 o’clock Group, consisting of Georgina & Bob Norton, Peter Hayhurst, Stephen Jackson, Edgar Reynolds and Mark Tilstone managed to clear Joyce Austin’s and Beryl Swash’s refreshment stop in Eccleshall and had almost finished their lunch stop at the Raven Café in Prees before the 9 o’clock group arrived. However, this group, consisting of Denise Hurst, Karl Austin, Chris Foster, James Pearce and Neil Skellern, plus 3 Guests, joined up briefly at the Burford refreshment stop and then on the cold, headwind return via Church Minshull, Middlewich, passed the struggling tail-enders of the 8 o’clock group at Brereton. They all enjoyed more tea and cakes at the Rugby Club. It had been a long, hard day for the riders and for Joyce Austin and Beryl Swash – without whose help, some of us would not have attempted this distance, at this time of year. 

24th February – Club-Night with Rob Waghorn’s Andes Slide Show

20 Members enjoyed a special Club Night! Not only was Rob Waghorn’s Slide Show well presented but the atmosphere of his Andes Tour, through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, by mountain bike, was enhanced with the offer of Chilean drinks of wine, beer and cider, served by Avril Waghorn. In addition to the stunning views of mountains / valleys / rivers / lakes / roads / tracks, we gained an interesting insight into the tough riding conditions up to 4000 m altitude, as well as the living conditions and eating habits of the riders and of the local people. 

27th February – Chester Road Club Hilly Time Trial

Congratulations to two of our Members. The first Time Trial of the 2011 Season, the 14-mile Hilly on the Broxton / Farndon Circuit, was won by our Alf Hilton in 32 mins 18 secs, with Karl Austin recording 38 mins 24 secs for 15th place. The windy conditions meant that the riders had also to endure a high chill factor. 

Future Fixtures

Sunday, 6th March: Hilly Reliability Ride – 34 miles. 9.15 for 9.30 start at the Rugby Club. 

Saturday, 19th March: Social Ride with café stop. 10.00 at West Heath Shopping Centre, Holmes Chapel Road entrance. 

Sunday, 20th March: Long Reliability Ride – 150 miles. (Ludlow and back) 6.45 for 7.00 start at the Rugby Club. 

Report – March 13th, 2011

Boynton battled through leg cramp to finish first

5th March

– British Duathlon Championships at Clumber Park

On a cold and wet morning, Bill Boynton of Congleton Cycling Club and Congleton Harriers was one of 9 Newcastle Tri Club members in a field of nearly 400 in the 2011 British Duathlon Championships bidding for age-group honours and GB selection for the World event in September. 

The opening 10km run over undulating roads in the park was pacy but comfortable and Bill showed good form entering the transition area in 42.31 at the head of his age-group. Then, as rain set in, the 40km bike phase on hilly and mainly public roads placed more demands on the field.  Riding in the cold conditions in time-trial position this early in the season can result in leg cramp and loss of power and Bill was one of many competitors to suffer but battled to a respectable 74.56, despite a chain-off after 25km.  In transition off the bike he was briefly overtaken but in the final 5km run [22.27] came through to win by over a minute and become M65-69 Champion in 2h 23m; his fastest time to date.

Pleased by the win, Bill felt he could have gone under 2h 20m with better conditioning, so feels there is plenty do before facing international opposition at the European [April] and World [September] events. 

– Stanage Surprise – 108km AUDAX

Denise Hurst was satisfied with her performance on this hilly ride from / to Hathersage despite the damp and windy conditions.

6th March

 – 4th Reliability Ride – Hilly 34-miles

12 Members and 1 Guest completed this short but oh-so-tough ride: Karl Austin, Tony Elliott, Peter Hayhurst, Roy Hayhurst, Denise Hurst, Stephen Jackson, Brendan McLaughlin, Kelvin Milward, Bob Norton, Duncan Poole, Edgar Reynolds and Neil Skellern plus Guest, Chris Dale.

The “Hilly” included twelve of the toughest climbs in Cheshire East, commencing with Blacky Bank and Cloudside and finishing with Standing Stones, Dumbas and Timbersbrook from Wood Treatment Works. The rising easterly wind proved troublesome on the outward leg but at least the temperature improved to “mild” and sunny and the road surfaces were dry, so the aching legs were compensated somewhat . 

– North Lancs, Circuit of Pendle, Hilly Time Trial

Congratulations again to our Alf Hilton – 1st Overall (thus 1st Over-40) – and a 2 minute improvement over his time in last year’s event. 

12th March

 – MDTTA 10-mile TT on the Twemlow – Chelford Course

This was the first local Time Trial of the 2011 Season. Karl Austin posted 25.33 and Bob Norton, riding a T.T. for the first time in many years, 31.20 – a personal worst and a personal best – the latter due to riding the Medium Gear Event (72” fixed) for the first time. The conditions were quite good – must have been for Barry Charlton (Lyme Racing) to post a winning time of 21.45. 

Pendle Forest, Circuit of Ingleborough, 27-mile Hilly TT

Another excellent performance by Alf Hilton: 4th place and 1st Over-40 (to be confirmed) and a 3 minute improvement on last year’s time!  

13th March

Lancaster C.C. 28-mile Hilly TT

Yet another excellent performance by Alf Hilton: 2nd place and 1st Over-40, a little less than a minute behind local “fast man”,  Jimmy Wright. 

– Clubrun to Dagfields Café, Hunterston

Denise Hurst, Karl Austin and Doug Taylor led the Clubrun in the morning rain, to Dagfield’s Café via Madeley, Woore and Hunterston. Bob Norton and Peter Nelson rode out to the café later and they returned together via Wybunbury, Weston, Barthomley and Alsager.  

Future Fixtures

Saturday, 19th March: Social Ride with café stop. 10.00 at West Heath Shopping Centre, Holmes Chapel Road entrance. 

Sunday, 20th March: Long Reliability Ride – 150 miles – Ludlow and back, 6.45 for 7.00 start at the Rugby Club. 

Report – March 27th, 2011

18th – 20th March
Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith and Bob Norton attended the CTC Holidays and Tours tour leaders’ weekend at Swanwick, near Alfreton. This involved a ride, in beautiful weather, from Cheshire across the southern Peak District via Leek, Ashbourne, Wirksworth and Crich. The conference day was used to rest legs before returning via Matlock, Hartington, and Meerbrook on Sunday.

19th March 2011.
– Social Ride to Hopley House, Wimboldsley
There were 10 members and 1 guest on this monthly Saturday ride – a record turnout! These were Georgina Norton, Linda and Joyce Austin, Bev Hambleton, Rob Waghorn, Peter Nelson, Doug Taylor, Bob Banner, David McVitie, Kelvin Milward and lady guest, Marley. They met in lovely spring sunshine and rode out via Smallwood, Hassall Green and Warmingham to Hopley House for coffee and a natter. The ride back to West Heath was by way of Middlewich and Brereton Heath. They all enjoyed a good social ride, with the emphasis on social, of 30 miles.

– MDTTA 10-mile TT on Twemlow – Chelford Course
The very pleasant conditions (for mid-March) made this slow course seem easier than usual. Karl Austin posted 25.11 and Peter Hayhurst recorded 31.54. The winner was Richard Handley in 21.08.

20th March
 – Reliability Ride – Ludlowand Back – 150-miles
Seven Members and one Guest: Denise Hurst, Karl Austin, Edgar Reynolds, Neil Skellern and 3 x Jackson (2 x Stephen and 1 x Wayne), plus Paul from Leek C.C. completed this ride in dry conditions and with only two punctures. After a 7 a.m. start, then a good “Sunday Lunch” in Ludlow, the return leg was aided by a light tailwind, so the ride was completed by 8.15 p.m.

– Clubrun to Rose Farm Nursery at Utkinton
Doug Taylor, David Hurst, Stephen Kane and Georgina Norton set off in the rain for Rose Farm Utkinton. Although the rain was heavy it didn’t dampen the spirits as we rode via Radnor Bank, Goostrey, Lach Denis and Vale Royal track. By the time they reached Rose Farm it had stopped raining and was altogether a different day. The ride home was via Cotebrook, Wettenhall and Church Minshull. Unfortunately, Georgina had a puncture, but with 3 gentlemen, this was soon fixed and a pleasant day was had by all, with a total of 53 miles.

26th March
– Altrincham Ravens 25-mile TT on Chelford-Ollerton-Cranage-Twemlow Circuit
In dry, cool conditions and with a NE breeze making it hard going up Twemlow Lane but compensated by support from Steve Sladin, Karl Austin surprised himself with a splendid 1.01.26 and Peter Hayhurst was satisfied with his 1.17.08. The winner was Adam Duggleby of ScienceInSport, in 53.40.

– West Pennine 14-mile Hilly TT
In spite of “away-days” for work plus health problems which both caused interruption of training, Alf Hilton still managed 10th overall and 2nd Over-40.

27th March
– “Motorised” Clubrun to Abergele
The Sunday club run was a car-assisted one, starting from the sea front by Abergele railway station. The ride proceeded to Llanrwst via Llanfair Talhaiarn on the beautifully surfaced and very quiet A548. A coffee break at the railway carriage buffet in Bettws-y-Coed was followed by a ride to Conwy along the west side of the estuary. From there the ride went to Llandudno, and a circuit of the Great Orme with lunch at the cafe on the promontory. Once back in Llandudno the return to Abergele was via the North Wales Coastal Path. The distance was 60 miles with about 1000 metres of vertical climb. After a grey start, the afternoon was a lovely bright sunny one. Unfortunately, only Georgina and Bob Norton took advantage of this organised ride.

– Cheshire Cat 100-mile Sportive
Of the three routes on offer, Stephen Jackson and Mark Tilstone rode the 100-miler which included the Mow Cop “Killer Mile” and many more steep climbs in East Cheshire.
Stephen Jackson reported: “The ride went well, in good weather, so was an enjoyable challenge and was completed in about 5 hrs 30 mins.”
“Not an entirely good day out for me” – reported Mark Tilstone: “Chain broke after 4.5 miles.
Four phone calls and one hour later, picked up at roadside (no sign of Mavic support crew) Taken back to start; picked up car and drove home; swapped bike; rode through Congleton to Warren and completed 100-mile route from there but then tackled the Killer Mile one my way home!”.

Future Fixtures
Committee Meeting on 7th April at 8 p.m. (prior to Club Night).

Report – April 3rd, 2011

Active and Successful April Weekend for cyclists

– “Congleton Now” at the Town Hall
The club had a table at the “Congleton Now” exhibition in Congleton Town Hall which showcased the activities of voluntary groups in the town. Our display of photos, maps and leaflets, plus a classic Brian Rourke road bike, was staffed by Georgina and Bob Norton with assistance from Peter Hayhurst and Rob Waghorn. Club chairman Bob, said “There was a steady flow of visitors interested in cycling including Congleton MP, Fiona Bruce. She was very interested and posed for photographs with us. The opportunity for networking between voluntary organisations was also very useful and we are looking forward to next years event”. The Congleton Cycling Campaign, of which we are Members, also had a display.

Bob, Fiona Bruce, Georgina, Peter

– MDTTA 10-mile TT on Twemlow – Chelford Course
In even better conditions, compared to two weeks ago, the winner’s time was only 4 seconds faster. Kelvin Milward posted 25.03; Duncan Poole did 27.17 – excellent performances in their first outings this year; Peter Hayhurst improved modestly to 30.33 and Peter Nelson was pleased with his 33.01 – in his first event this year. The winner was Richard Handley in 21.04.

– AUDAX Rides: Ironbridge 207K and Hawkstone 133K
Rob Waghorn organised these annual rides, supported by his wife, Avril and club-mate, Peter Nelson. The Ironbridge 207K had 25 riders, including Denise Hurst and Darren Nicholls. The first Control was at Market Drayton, the second (and lunch stop) was at Ironbridge, followed by a Tea-Stop at the Raven Café, Prees Heath. The Hawkestone 133K had 34 riders, including Georgina and Bob Norton, Stephen Kane and Doug Taylor and also had Controls at Market Drayton and then Prees. Both rides encountered a couple of heavy showers which may or may not have dampened some spirits but all returned within the time-limit; the last rider returning at about 7.15pm.

– Nelson Wheelers, Circuit o’t Dales, 51-mile Hilly TT
Five Club Members plucked up courage to tackle this tough, early-season, “Classic” from Ingleton, via Sedbergh, Hawes and Ribblehead to finish at White Scar Caves, above Ingleton.
The conditions (wet roads, light rain, bit windy) could have been worse but the atmosphere could not have been better!
Our Racing Secretary, Karl Austin had convinced our novice Time-Triallers – Mike Harrison, Stephen Jackson and Wayne Jackson to support him and our No. 1 rider, Alf Hilton – and they did not regret their decision due to winning the Team Prize, ahead of 13 sponsored clubs. Congleton C.C. is very proud to now be included in the event’s “Honour’s List”.
The event winner was none other than Andy Wilkinson (Port Sunlight) in 2.05.00; 2nd was Simon Bridge (Leigh Premier) in 2.10.39 followed by our Members: Alf Hilton, 3rd in 2.11.34, Mike Harrison, 11th in 2.19.31; Wayne Jackson, 27th in 2.27.59 (= Winning Team); supported by Karl Austin, 43rd in 2.34.21 (which would still have gained us 1st Team, had Wayne been DNF) and Stephen Jackson, 57th in 2.42.12.

 (not printed in Chronicle – Karl, Alf, Mike, Wayne)
Two beautiful sights: Cannondale technology meets Victorian genius at Ribblehead.  (Stephen Jackson – 3 miles from Finish)

Report – April 15th, 2011

April 9th – Withington Wheelers 25-mile TT
In summer-like conditions, most riders improved on their times of the previous week: Karl Austin – 1.00.34; Peter Hayhurst – 1.14.36; Peter Nelson – 1.20.20. Winner was Andy Wilkinson with 51.29.

April 10th
– Club-Run to Blaze Farm, Allgreave
Denise and David Hurst and Stephen Kane enjoyed the perfect summer weather on their hilly ride via Pott Shrigley and the Brickworks, then Kettleshulme and Windgather, via Goyt Valley and Derbyshire Bridge to Blaze farm near Allgreave. The return route was via Wildboarclouugh, Macc Forest, Fools Nook and Gawsworth. 

– Hell of the North Cotswolds– MTB Challenge
Roy Hayhurst and Bob Norton travelled to Winchcombe near Cheltenham and rode the Hell of the North Cotswolds on mountain bikes. It was a fabulous day, but very hard. It was 103 km (+ 2 off route) up and down (1750 metres of vertical ascent) on tracks paths and minor roads, roughly within an area bounded by Winchcombe, Stow on the Wold and Broadway. It was perhaps 50% off-road although more than 50% of the time was spent off road. Our Members were probably the oldest participants out of 1200. It was a hard but very enjoyable seven hours. How about more Members joining us next year? 

– Peak100
Chris Foster rode the Peak100 on Sunday. Painful but fun! It was for the Kids Can, Curing Children with Cancer charity. Fantastic route in glorious weather (

April 12th
– VTTA 10-mile TT on the Chelford course
In windy but dry conditions, Peter Hayhurst recorded 29.30 and Peter Nelson recorded 31.46.

The winner on Standard Time was Jim Gresty with +7.22 (23.53) and on Actual Time, Scott Burns of Manchester Wheelers in 21.30. (correction) 

– Club 10-mile Hilly TT on Circuit of the Cloud
10 Members and 2 Guests rode the first Club time trial of the season – a 9.5 mile circuit of the Cloud, with the climbs of Blacky Bank, then Bridestones, followed by Wood Treatment Works to Timbersbrook. It was a bright and sunny but chilly evening, although the wind had dropped somewhat. Bob Norton and Bob Dale were time keepers and the Marshals jobs were  covered by Denise Hurst, Roy Hayhurst, Kelvin Milward and Peter Nelson.  quite a few spectators around course too.
Members times: Neil Skellern – 29.02;  Wayne Jackson – 30:19;  Karl Austin – 32:28;  Stephen Jackson – 32:56;  Brendan McLaughlin – 34:36;  Darren Nicholls – 34:47;  Tony Elliott – 37:26;  Andy Malbon – 37:51;  Edgar Reynolds – 40:15;  David Hurst – 46:32. The fastest time was recorded by Mark Lovatt of Planet-X with 27:03.

Report – April 21st, 2011

It was another glorious and successful April weekend for Members of Congleton Cycling Club.

Denise Hurst completed the Alfreton – Skegness – Alfreton, 300K AUDAX which was one of her qualifiers for P-B-P.

On the Saturday  Club-Run, a select duo of Bob Banner & Dave McVitie made a pleasant trip in great weather to a lunch snack at the Knutsford Heritage Café (and much discussion of the very interesting penny farthing collection) via Radnor, Kermincham, Goostrey, Lower Peover and Plumbley. The return journey was a meander via the A50, Stocks Lane, Peover Heath, Chelford roundabout, Siddington Heath, Clonter and Radnor. (See 

In the Macclesfield  Wheelers’ “25? on J2/9, we had 8 riders: Alf Hilton = 4th place in 54.55, Neil Skellern = 9th place in 56.55, Wayne Jackson = 15th place in 57.55, Karl Austin = 1.00.46, Kelvin Milward = 1.01.42, Duncan Poole = 1.07.49, Peter Hayhurst = 1.14.13, Peter Nelson = 1.18.21. In the “Most Catches” competition, Wayne Jackson was equal 1st with 6 “catches”. Unfortunately a Team Prize was not listed but our Club was fastest team with 2.49.45, ahead of Seamons C.C., Warrington R.C. and Macclesfield Wheelers. 

In the Fibrax Wrexham Hilly TT on the Horseshoe Pass – Ruthin Circuit, Alf Hilton managed 8th place in 1.07.45. The winner’s time was 1.04.42 and this was Junior, Ryan Mullen of Planet-X who is only 16 years old /young. 

Only Mary Renshaw and David Hurst started on the Club-Run and headed for Audlem. 

Another fine evening saw 13 Club members plus 3 guests ride our local 10 mile circuit from Congleton to Holmes Chapel to Brereton to Congleton. Winner was Neil Skellern in a time of 23:00 with Wayne Jackson and Steve Hulme close behind and the only other riders under 24 minutes.

Full Result: Neil Skellern – 23:00;  Wayne Jackson – 23:08;  Steve Hulme – 23:37;  Karl Austin – 24:46;  Kelvin Milward – 25:14;  Stephen Jackson – 26:13;  Duncan Poole – 26:55;  Andy Malbon – 27:25;  Tony Elliott – 27:54;  Darren Nicholls – 28:13;  Peter Hayhurst – 30:16;  Edgar Reynolds – 31:37;  Peter Nelson – 31:46.

Timekeepers: Bob Dale, Jill Elliott. Marshalls: Roy Hayhurst, Denise Hurst, Lynne Skellern. 

In the Bob Job Points Trophy, up to and including last night’s event, Neil Skellern is in the lead with the maximum possible 45 points. 

Future Fixtures

Tuesday, 3rd May, Club 10-mile TT on Gawsworth Circuit. Meet at Rising Sun PH at 6.45pm. 

Report – May 6th, 2011

Royal wedding day was a good reason for a long ride

April 22nd – Birkenhead 28-mile Hilly TT at Farndon

Two laps of the 24-Hour Finishing Circuit (Farndon – Broxton – Handley) in sunny and warm but breezy conditions. We had just 2 riders; with Alf Hilton taking 2nd place with a 1.4.21 behind Andy Wilkinson who did 59.20. (how is 5 minute gap in 1 hour possible?). Karl Austin managed a 1.12.41 which is a 2 min improvement for this event. Wilkinson was doing 50mph at one point! 

April 23rd – MDTTA “25? on J2/9
Another good Team performance and individual 2011 improvements: Alf Hilton, 2nd place with 54.47; Neil Skellern, 7th place with 56.42 and Karl Austin, 31st with 59.27 – secured 3rd Team position behind Wills Wheels and Manchester Wheelers. The winner was Simon Bridge of Leigh Premier with 54.17. Our older riders also improved: Peter Hayhurst recorded 1.14.42 and Peter Nelson 1.17.05. 

April 24th

– Mid-Shropshire Wheelers “25? on D25/8E
Karl Austin posted another “59? – 59.57. This was his 3rd competition in 3 days. The Event was won by Andy Bason in 52.27.

Abbotsford Park “10? on J2/1
Alf Hilton missed 2nd place by 1 sec and 1st place by only 6 secs, with 21.31 to Jack Green’s 21.30. The winner was Adam Duggleby of SiS, with 21.25. Peter Hayhurst improved to 28.49. 

– Club Run Red House Farm at Dunham Massey

There were 5 out on a fine day: Georgina and Bob Norton, Bob Banner, Stephen Kane  and Doug Taylor. The ride was about 55 miles and rode out via Jodrell Bank, Marthall, Mobberly Ashley and Hale, returning via Little Bollington, Bucklow Hill, Tatton Park, Knutsford and Goostrey. 

April 29th / 30th – Touring

– “Winter Solace”, 202K AUDAX, from Stockport to Farndon

Royal wedding day seemed a good reason for a long ride, so Georgina and Bob Norton rode the 202 km AUDAX, which was originally called the “Winter Solstice” and should have taken place on the shortest day, last December. However at that time only 2 riders completed it because the weather was so bad. On the day, the weather was good although rather windy. About 40 riders took part, with others doing a shorter 155 km route. The Nortons were pleased to finish their first 2011 ride at the distance, in 10 hours. Start (& Finish) in Bredbury (Stockport) and then via

Wilmslow, Ollerton, Whitegate, Gatesheath, to the Welsh border at Farndon and returning via Malpas, Whitchurch, Market Drayton, Audlem, Nantwich, Church Minshull, Middlewich, Goostrey, Alderley Edge and Marple.  

– Wilderhope YH Tour

Mary Renshaw reported: “We had a lovely ride down to Wilderhope with Denise Hurst and Gerry & Neil Goldsmith. The route went via Audlem where we stopped off at the Priest House in Audlem for coffee, then through the back lanes to Cruddington, ending up in Much Wenlock for a sandwich, which we ate at a wonderful viewpoint on Wenlock Edge. We had a super following wind and arrived at the hostel at around 6pm. The evening meal and 2 bottles of wine went down very well and we woke up to beautiful weather again. We soon discovered that the wind had picked up, so the homeward journey was quite tough but enjoyable. We left Wilderhope and worked our way through a network of tiny lanes to Bridgenorth via Ditton Priors where we encountered a challenging 10 percenter which went on for some considerable time. 

After Bridgenorth we took up the Club reliability route hoping to stop at the Spiders Web at Cosford only to find yet another cafe closed! However after speaking to some locals we found a nice pub for lunch. We rode on through Gnosall and from Stone to Werrington, Endon and Brown Edge. We were tired due to the strong headwind encountered but were grateful for a really nice tour.” 

April 30th

– Glossop Kinder Velo 2-Up “25” TT on J2/9

Kelvin Milward and Duncan Poole, our sole Team in this event, were satisfied with their time of 1.04.49 considering the windy conditions. The event was won by Nige Wood of Wills Wheels who was partnered by Alastair Rutherford of SiS – in 53.20. 

– VTTA “25” TT at Newark-on-Trent

Peter Hayhurst and Peter Nelson enjoyed the drive to Newark and back in sunny but windy conditions. Everything about the event was excellent apart from two important exceptions: the mechanical problems which prevented Nelson from completing the ride and the strong wind which resulted in a slow ride for Hayhurst (1.15.15). 

May 1st – Club-Run to Lock Café at Beeston.

Ten Members: Denise and David Hurst, Georgina and Bob Norton, Bob Banner, Roy Hayhurst, Stephen Kane, David McVitie, Peter Nelson and Rob Waghorn, enjoyed a windy but bright sunny day, for the ride to Beeston. The route was via Brereton, Church Minshull, Bunbury, Bickerton and Beeston Castle, returning via Eaton, Little Budworth, Whitegate, Davenham, Lach Denis and Goostrey; a total of 65 miles. 

May 4th – Club “10” TT on Gawsworth course:

A good turnout of 16 Congleton riders plus 7 from other clubs took part in this week’s race. Times for most riders were very similar to the previous week with Wayne Jackson again the winner in a time of 22:54 (1 second better than last week!). Members’ results:

Wayne Jackson – 22:54,  Karl Austin – 23:22,  Kelvin Milward – 25:12,  Darren Nicholls – 26:51,  Andy Malbon – 26:58,  Stephen Kane – 27:06,  Tony Elliott – 27:33,  Duncan Poole –  Mick Byrne – 28:19,  Edgar Reynolds – 28:50,  Bob Norton – 29:42,  Andrew Thomas – 29:43,  Peter Hayhurst – 30:32, Peter Nelson – 30:36,  David Hurst – 34:18. 

Future Fixtures

Tuesday, 10th May, Club 10-mile TT on J2/1 – Monks Heath.

Meet at Club Astra Zeneca at 6.45pm for 7.15pm start. 

Our newest website is in development and can be viewed on:

The Club meets every Thursday at 8.30pm at the Rugby Club, Park Street and welcomes anyone who would like to swap ideas and stories on all cycling topics. 

Added Later:

Mike Harrison managed 13th overall in the Tour of the North in N.Ireland at Easter (with 2 top ten finishes on Stage 3 and 4). The Tour of the North is a four day stage race based in Ballymena this year but with stages all over the province from the prologue at Stormont Castle, Dublin to the wilds of County Antrim. Mike reported that his best finishes were 10th on the hilly 3rd stage at Lisdounvarna and 8th in a bunch finish on the fourth and final stage.

– Wilderhope YH Tour photo of Gerry & Ian, Denise & Mary

Report – May 20th, 2011

Congleton Cycling Club’s chain of events

A feature of all but one event was the prevailing high wind accompanied in some events with very heavy showers, in comparison with rather benign conditions in the first quarter of 2011 (What? – a quarter of the year already gone!) 

May 1st – Darley Moor Circuit 55K RR

Mike Harrison achieved a fine 2nd place behind Steve Allen from Coventry C.C in a 3-man sprint after they had escaped from an 8-man breakaway on the last lap. 

Weekend of May 7th + 8th

– 400K AUDAX- Just the Plains

Denise Hurst and Edgar Reynolds completed the 400K – Just the Plains – from Stockport to Wales (Newtown and Montgomery) and back via Shropshire and Staffordshire. This was their penultimate qualifier for P-B-P, with “only” a 600K to do at the end of May. The weather on Saturday and through the night was grim but Sunday was warm and sunny with a tailwind most of the way back. For the un-informed, there are only a few opportunities for rest stops, let alone a sleep-over! 

– 24 Hours-of-Exposure MTB Marathon in Newcastleton (Scottish Borders)

Jamie Willetts completed this UK and European Solo Mountain Bike Championship. He was looking for a solid finish in the mid bunch and managed to finish 49th in his category; completing 9 laps, which as about 100 miles and 15000 ft of climbing. With only 4 hours of sun, the rain closed in and made it a long, muddy slog around the course. He is looking forward to more 12’s and 24’s later in the season, once his legs recover.  

– ABC Centreville 10-mile TT on Chelford Course

In mild and dry conditions but with a headwind return leg, Kelvin Milward posted 24.20 and Peter Hayhurst 29.16. The event was won by Greg Kinsell of Mid Shropshire Wheelers, in 21.16. 

Wigan Wheelers 10-mile TT at Garstang

Another fine performance by Alf Hilton, with 20.54 for 3rd place and 2nd Over-40. The winner was Mark Holton with 19.57. 

– Clubrun to Priest House at Audlem

Bob Banner, David Hurst, Stephen Kane and Peter Nelson had an enjoyable 55 mile ride via Barr Hill and Norton in Hale to Audlem. 

– Rudy Project National Series – Sporting TT at Doncaster

Karl Austin elected to ride the 2-lap event with the Seniors (instead of 1-lap with the Over-40’s) and recorded 1.06.15 for 15th place. The winner was Matt Bottrill with 55.00. 

– West Pennine 55-mile RR on Bashall Eaves Circuit

Mike Harrison achieved 4th place on this tough 11 mile circuit. Two riders escaped after the start and just managed to stay clear of his 5-man chase group by 10 secs. He finished 2nd in the gallop for 

May 10th Club 10-mile TT on Chelford course

A good turnout of 10 Congleton riders plus 12 from other clubs took part in this week’s race. Steve Hulme and Wayne Jackson had a commanding margin with 22.46 and 22:57 respectively; followed by Karl Austin – 23:49, Kelvin Milward – 25:19, Stephen Jackson – 26.52, Darren Nicholls – 27:17, Chris Foster – 27.38, Tony Elliott – 27:45, Edgar Reynolds – 30:32, David Hurst – 34:02.

Timekeepers: Bob Norton, Bill Boynton. Marshals: Steve Sladin, Mary Renshaw, John Harrison, Roy Hayhurst, Denise Hurst, Georgina Norton. 

Weekend of May 14th / 15th

– Dukinfield 50-mile TT on Chelford Course

Another great win by Alf Hilton – 1.51.51 with Neil Skellern – 1.58.05 and Karl Austin – 2.07.43 giving our Club the Team Prize ahead of Manchester Wheelers.  Peter Hayhurst  recorded 2.45.32. 

– South Pennine 25-mile TT at Etwall

Kelvin Milward reported that due to the wind, it was difficult just trying to make progress forward as opposed to sideways or even backwards which caused most riders to lose 4-5 minutes than normal which made his 1.1.56 a very respectable performance. However, the in-form Matt Bottrill ( continued his winning streak with 50-39.

– Mid Shropshire Wheelers “50” TT at Prees

An early morning outing to Prees resulted in a hard ride for Peter Nelson – 2.55.00. Winner was Andy Bason with 1.52.00. 

Lancaster CC. “50” at Bassenthwaite

Karl Austin – 2.10.54 which earned him 16th place. Winner was Julian Markham of Preston C.C. in 1.53.40. 

– Denbigh 64-mile RR in North Wales

This was organised by Rhyl RC with 7 laps of a 9 mile lumpy circuit just outside Denbigh. Our sole representative, Mike Harrison, reported that a two-man move went on the 1st lap only to be caught with a lap and a half to go. A counter move of 4 riders attacked gaining 30 secs on another 3 man break containing an old duffer from Congleton with what was left of the bunch 20 secs behind his group. The four-man group stayed clear but Harrison finished 3rd in the uphill sprint from a chasing group to finish in 7th place. 

May 17h Club 10-mile TT on Gawsworth course

Another good turnout of 12 Congleton riders plus 5 from other clubs took part in this week’s race which was held in mild, dry and less windy conditions than previous events. Steve Hulme had a commanding margin with 22.22 followed by Karl Austin – 23:02, Jamie Willetts – 24.45, Duncan Poole – 25.43, Andy Malbon – 26.27, Stephen Kane – 26.29, Darren Nicholls – 26:40, Tony Elliott – 27:34, Mick Byrne – 27.44, Chris Foster – 28.15, Edgar Reynolds – 29:42 and Peter Nelson – 30.56. The overall fastest was Alex Royle (SiS) with 21.32, closely followed by Mark Lovatt (Planet-X) with 21.42.

Timekeepers: Bill Boynton, Jill Elliott.
Marshalls: Steve Sladin, Brendan McLaughlin, Peter Hayhurst, Kelvin Milward. 

Report – June 3rd, 2011

Congleton Cycling Club’s Chain of Events

Pete Tatton recently returned from a sporting holiday at Club La Santa on Lanzarote, the home of the hardest Ironman Triathlon, bar Hawaii, due to the hills and wind. He reported that the weather was great and the facilities even better. He entered his first Duathlon: 2.4k run, 15k ride, 2.4 k run and also Mini Triathlon: 400m swim, 15k ride and 4.4k run and managed mid-position in both events, with running being his weakness. In the Duathlon, he came 7th out of 16 in 58.45 and the winner managed 48.32.  In the Triathlon, he came 19th out of 34 in 1hr 6 compared to the winner’s 51.34. 

May 17th Club 10-mile TT on Gawsworth course

Another good turnout of 12 Congleton riders plus 5 from other clubs, took part in this week’s race which was held in mild, dry and less windy conditions than previous events. Steve Hulme had a commanding margin with 22.22 followed by Karl Austin – 23:02, Jamie Willetts – 24.45, Duncan Poole – 25.43, Andy Malbon – 26.27, Stephen Kane – 26.29, Darren Nicholls – 26.40, Tony Elliott – 27:34, Mick Byrne – 27.44, Chris Foster – 28.15, Edgar Reynolds – 29:42 and Peter Nelson – 30.56. The overall fastest was Alex Royle (SiS) with 21.32, closely followed by Mark Lovatt (Planet-X) with 21.42.

Timekeepers: Bill Boynton, Jill Elliott.
Marshals: Steve Sladin, Brendan McLaughlin, Peter Hayhurst, Kelvin Milward. 

May 21st / 22nd

– Saturday Social Ride to Plantation Garden Centre at Plumley

There were three Members on the Saturday short club run – Georgina Norton, Bob Banner and Rob Waghorn. They rode via Brereton, Middlewich and Byley.and returned via Goostrey, Twemlow (stopping to watch a bit of the time trial), and Radnor Bank  All-in-all, a pleasant trouble free ride in sunshine and wind. 

– Warrington R.C. 50-mile TT on Chelford course

In very windy conditions, our Club claimed another fine Team Victory! Alf Hilton recorded 1.57.22 for 4th place overall; Neil Skellern did 2.00.16 for 8th place and Karl Austin did 2.10.40, having lost time when his chain came off. Peter Hayhurst did 2.42.02 to win the 70-79 year category and Peter Nelson did 2.57.01. The overall winner was non-other than Andy Wilkinson, with an impressive 1.51.32. The emergency course (due to tree-felling near Knutsford) turned out to be just over 51 miles so the “corrected” times would be 2 minutes shorter for top riders and 3 minutes shorter for our slower riders. 

– Rhyl 37-Mile Mountain TT

The conditions were very difficult due to the gusting wind and blinding rain towards the end, especially on the descents. Karl Austin managed 1.54.04 but Andy Wilkinson won again with 1.30.47, missing Chris Boardman’s course record by only 50 seconds.

May 24th Club 10-mile TT on Holmes Chapel Circuit

Another good turnout of 15 Congleton riders plus 4 from other clubs took part in this week’s race which was held in mild, dry and less windy conditions than previous events. Wayne Jackson had a commanding margin with 24.19, followed by Karl Austin – 24:45, Kelvin Milward – 25.13, Jamie Willetts – 25.31, Brendan McLaughlin – 25.49, Stephen Kane – 26.54, Pete Tatton – 27.03, Jon Leigh – 27.38, Andy Malbon – 27.58, Darren Nicholls – 27.58, Tony Elliott – 28:06, Chris Foster – 28.32, Mick Byrne – 28.41, Edgar Reynolds – 29:45 and David Hurst – 35.35. The overall fastest was Mark Lovatt (Planet-X) with 22.31.

Timekeepers: Jill Elliott, Bill Boynton. Pusher: Steve Sladin. Marshals: Denise Hurst, Georgina Norton, Mary Renshaw, Gordon Dale, Peter Hayhurst, Dave McVitie, Peter Nelson. Refreshments: Joyce Austin. 

May 28th / 29th / 30th

– Newport (Shropshire) C.C. 10-Mile TT at Ternhill

Kelvin Milward managed 24.44 for 21st place, the last uphill drag from Espley Island into the wind being very tough, but it did make a nice change from the usual Chelford course. The winner was Andy Wilkinson with 20.40, followed by Andy Bason with 20.59. 

– Manchester Wheelers 50-mile TT on Uttoxeter course

Six Members competed in dry but very windy conditions: a fine 7th place and 3rd in 40-49 Cat.: for Neil Skellern – 1.46.29; 12th place and 8th in 40-49 Cat.: Alf Hilton – 1.48.32; Karl Austin – 1.59.27; Dave Mulroy – 2.12.55; 2nd and 3rd places in 70+ Cat.: Peter Hayhurst – 2.29.39 and Peter Nelson – 2.35.45. Overall winner was Julian Jenkinson (UTAG-Yamaha) with 1.43.15. 

– Anfield B.C. 100-Mile TT at Prees

Probably the worst conditions of 2011 – the riders being wet and cold before they even started at 6 a.m., which caused our top riders as well as Andy Wilkinson to “DNF”. Karl Austin, our “hot-bloodied” long distance specialist put in a very worthy performance with 4.16.02 for 11th place. The miserable conditions did not prevent Andy Bason (Team Pedal Revolution) breaking the course record with a superb 3.41.07, with 20-year-old Richard Handley (Team Raleigh) being the only other rider to beat 4 hours, with 3.48.47! 

May 31st Club 10-mile TT on Gawsworth Course

Another fine evening saw 22 riders (12 Congleton + 10 guests) competing on the Gawsworth course. Two riders got under 22 minutes: Mike Cuming (Orbea) with 21.25 and last week’s winner Mark Lovatt (Planet X) with 21.52. Of our Club Members, Steve Hulme had a commanding margin with 22.06, followed by Karl Austin – 23:40 (not quite recovered from the “Anfield” on the previous day), Kelvin Milward – 23.47, Jamie Willetts – 24.26, Brendan McLaughlin – 24.41, Duncan Poole – 25.51, Pete Tatton – 25.55, Tony Elliott – 26.25, Mick Byrne – 27.07, Darren Nicholls – 27.13, Chris Foster – 28.25, and Peter Nelson – 30.45.

Timekeeper: Joyce Austin. Pusher: Bob Dale. Marshals: Peter Hayhurst, Steve Sladin.

Future Fixtures

Tuesday, 14th June, Club 10-mile TT Gawsworth course. Meet at Rising Sun P.H. at 7pm for 7.30pm start. 

Saturday, 18th June, Short Clubrun with café stop. Meet at Unicorn P.H., Holmes Chapel Road, West Heath at 10 a.m. 

Report – June 10th 2011

Congleton Cycling Club 

June 4th / 5th

– Dukinfield 25-Mile TT on Chelford Circuit

At last, under “normal” conditions, Neil Skellern recorded his fastest ever on Cheshire with – 55:07; followed by Kelvin Milward – 59:59, Peter Hayhurst – 1:13:38 and Peter Nelson – 1:18:20. Alf Hilton, stopped to give medical assistance to another rider, otherwise our Club would have won the Team Prize – which was awarded to Warrington R.C.  

– Club-Run to Roaches Tea Room, Upper Hulme

With many Members participating in organised events, only Georgina Norton, Bob Banner and Dave McVitie rode out into the head-wind via Gawsworth, Sutton, Wincle, Gun Hill and Meerbrook, then up the steep lane to The Roaches Tea Room where they had a good lunch in order to load calories ready for the tough but wind-assisted return ride via Hulme End, Tittesworth, Rudyard, Hatton and Biddulph Moor. 

– Polka Dot Challenge 105 / 54-mile Charity Rides

Stephen Kane and Bob Norton completed the 105-mile ride in less than 9 hours and Peter Hayhurst managed the 54-miler in 4 hours 40 minutes. Stephen Kane reported that the wind was blustery but the rain held off until the Cat &Fiddle (20 miles from the Finish) and the sun even put in a few appearances. As the name suggests, this was a very hilly ride, starting with Brickworks, then Windgather, Goyt Valley, Allgreave to Gradbach, then Flash followed by the lumpy roads to Longnor and the steep climb through Crowdecote, to the first feed stop where crowds enjoyed home-made cakes, fruit and energy drinks provided by the many helpers. This was Decision Time! Two of us chose the longer route and our older rider chose the shorter route. I came to curse that decision, as, after the climbs around Hartington, Warslow, Waterhouses, Thorpe and Longcliffe, I hit a bad patch 15 miles before the next feed station between Youlgreave and Monyash. Luckily Bob Norton’s spare bottle came to the rescue. We made it round eventually and all aches and pains were suddenly forgotten as we had our post ride biccy and cup of tea at the Woodford HQ and feeling quite pleased with ourselves to have completed 105 miles that involved 10 000 ft of climbing at an expense of 5400 Kcal. We spotted a fellow Congletonian from the club, Denise Hurst, who was just about to complete a 600km AUDAX event (from Hazel Grove to Aberystwyth and back). 

– V.C. Cumbria 50-Mile TT on Bassenthwaite Circuit

Our sole entrant, Karl Austin, recorded 2:03:19 in windy conditions. The event was won by a large margin by Derek Parkinson (Cleveley’s R.C.) with 1:44:08. 

– 600K AUDAX from Hazel Grove to Aberystwyth and back

In the last of her P-B-P qualifying rides, Denise Hurst successfully completed this gruelling 600K, in spite of sickness which caused her to restrict her eating and drinking – but fortunately, encouragement from Jim Gresty and support from husband David saw her through. The outward 290K started at 6 a.m. on Saturday and went via Wem, Long Mynd, Church Stretton, Clun, Montgomery, Builth Wells – in fine weather and a tailwind – arriving in Aberystwyth at 8 p.m. The return leg of 310K was very hard, due to the distance, the rain and the headwind! The 40-odd riders fought their way over the Gurig Pass to Llanidloes, then through Montgomery, Shrewsbury, Ironbridge, Cannock, Eccleshall, Market Drayton, Whitchurch, Wrenbury and Middlewich to the Hazel Grove finish, around 5 p.m. Sunday. Roll-On P-B-P in August! 

June 7th Inter-Club 25-Mile TT on Chelford Circuit

The conditions were good for the 28 riders, apart from the chilly evening breeze. Our Steve Hulme, in his first “25” this year, was fastest overall with a fine 58.02! Other Members’ times: Karl Austin – 01:01:58, Kelvin Milward – 01:02:30, Jamie Willetts – 01:04:22, Stephen Jackson – 01:08:08, Darren Nicholls – 01:09:44, Tony Elliott – 01:13:17, Edgar Reynolds – 01:17:09, Peter Hayhurst – 01:17:16, Peter Nelson – 01:19:49 and David Hurst – 01:27:17. Pete Tatton was “DNF”. 

Future Fixtures

Saturday, 18th June, Short Club-run with café stop. Meet at Unicorn P.H., Holmes Chapel Road, West Heath at 10 a.m. 

Tuesday, 21st June, Inter-Club 25-mile TT on Chelford course. Meet at Club AZ, Monks Heath at 7pm for 7.30pm start. This event is responsibility of our Club – so a good turn-out of Officials / Marshals required! 

Report – June 24th 2011

Congleton Cycling Club – Chain of Events

 June 11th / 12th

Club-Run to Dagfields at Hatherton

Denise and David Hurst, Bob Banner and Doug Taylor ventured out, in spite of the poor forecast but only got as far as Alsager before the drizzle set in. After Betley and Wybunbury, they were glad of a friendly towel at Dagfields. The warming lunch prepared them for the wet return via Hough and Englesea Brook, to complete 55 miles.

 Phoenix 10-Mile TT at Rainford

Peter Nelson managed 30:52 on a breezy afternoon.

 Fusion CC Dronfield 10-Mile TT at Hatfield Woodhouse

Graham Barker – 25:40. Winner was Julian Ramsbottom – 20:52.

 Redditch R&P 10-Mile TT

Karl Austin – 23:38. Winner was J. Simpkins of Drag2Zero with 20:38.

 Shirley R.C. 50-Mile TT at Alcester

Karl Austin – 2:06:34. The winner was Andy Wilkinson (again) with 1:47:30.

 June 14th

Club 10-Mile TT on Gawsworth Circuit

Superb, warm, sunny evening saw 6 of the 22 riders record personal bests on the Gawsworth course. Karl Austin was fastest of the Congleton riders with a time of 23:20, but clear winner was Mark Lovatt (Planet X) in a time of 21:36. Other Members results: Kelvin Milward – 23:43, Brendan McLaughlin – 23:56, Andy Malbon – 25:31, Stephen Kane – 25:37, Edgar Reynolds – 26:08, Jon Leigh – 26:09, Darren Nicholls – 26:33, Tony Elliot – 26:39, Mick Byrne – 26:50, Peter Hayhurst – 27:29, Steve Sladin – 28:32, Dave McVitie (first TT ever) 29:24, Peter Nelson – 30:44.

Timekeepers: Joyce Austin, Bob Dale. Marshals: Bob Norton, Jill Elliott

 June 18th  / 19th

Original Source Mountain Mayhem, 24hr Mountain Bike Race. Malvern Hills

 Wayne Jackson is having a Great Year and this is his abbreviated report:

“Now the biggest MTB endurance event in the UK and celebrating its 14th year since the first Mountain Mayhem took place at Trentham Gardens in 1998. I journeyed down to the larger venue of Eastnor Castle near Ledbury in the Malvern Hills with my camping gear packed, two mountain bikes, plenty of food, clothing and a sense of trepidation. Around 2700 entrants in all, battling it out for position whilst climbing 1500ft for every 10 mile lap. Overall team winners were the Expert mixed team of Hope Technology who drafted in British Olympic mountain bike hopeful Liam Kileen completing 29 laps in a time of 24hr:16mins:51s. The Solo race was hotly contested amongst the top 2 with Ant White defending his 2010 title completing an impressive 21 laps with reportedly only 5 minutes spent off the bike.  

I battled on and with only 3 hours or so remaining having completed my 14th lap I had started to workout how many laps I could fit in. I realised with my slowing and erratic pace that I had to settle for either 16 or 17. Completing the 15th lap and feeling bad again I ate and rested, keeping an eye on the clock. I finished Mountain Mayhem with 17 laps in 25hrs:10mins:38s in 9th place and well chuffed with finishing in the top ten in this event.”

 – Short Club-Run to Minshull’s Garden Centre, Crewe

On today’s ride there were 6 Members: Georgina and Bob Norton, Joyce and Linda Austin, David McVitie and Sue Collins. They rode to Minshulls Garden Centre near Leighton Hospital via Brownlow, Hassell Green and Coppenhall . While they were inside the heavens opened but the sun shines on the righteous and it stopped before we left. The return was via Wimboldsley, Middlewich and Brereton Heath.  A good, sociable ride enjoyed by all !

 – Janus R.C. 25-Mile TT on Chelford Circuit

Most riders were caught by heavy showers and the times were generally slower than in recent events. Alf Hilton recorded 55:15 for 4th place (and 2nd Over-40), Neil Skellern – 56:13 for 8th place, Kelvin Milward – 1:02:15, which achieved 3rd Team Award, behind Leigh Premier and Wills Wheels. Peter Hayhurst – 1:15:24. The winner was Simon Bridge (Leigh Premier) with 54:11.

 – VTTA (N. Mids.) 25-Mile TT at Markham Moor

Karl Austin – 1:00:28, Graham Barker – 1:03:08, Peter Nelson – 1:18:27. Winner was Ian Cammish with 51:27.

 – Mercia 25-Mile TT near Burton-on-Trent

Karl Austin – 1:01:15. The winner was Scott Westward with 53:20.

 – Prescot Eagle 84-mile Tourist Trail from Eureka Café, Two Mills + Club-Run

Georgina and Bob Norton rove to the Eureka and joined hundreds of Merseyside cyclist for an exploration of the Cheshire lanes from a western aspect. The outward ride was via Waverton, Dutton, Beeston, to the lunch stop at Tattenhall Ice Cream Farm where they met 2 Club pairs, Sue Colloins and Mark Tilstone and also Denise Hurst and Doug Taylor and their rides from Congleton. The return leg of the Tourist Trail was via Farndon and Holt, Rossett, Kinnerton and the Dee towpath.

 – Cotswold Outing 100k AUDAX from Wythall ( B’ham)

Bob Banner enjoys these annual rides which encircle Stratford on Avon, with controls / refreshment stops at Welford and Charlecote

 – Tom Simpson Memorial RR, 100K at Harworth

Mike Harrison finally registered a victory after an eight year gap! He just managed to win the 6-up sprint after 10 laps, based on the Harworth circuit, Simpson’s home town. As usual, he missed the early move when a six man break gained a minute by lap three. This stabilised over the next four laps as the bunch was whittled down by the wind and the climb up to the finish each lap. With two laps to go he attacked and gained half a minute on the bunch before being caught by three other riders. They worked well and caught four of the six breakaway riders quite quickly, leaving two out front approx 20-30 secs in front. With three miles to go he eventually got up to the final two, leaving a six man sprint to the line

1st  Mike Harrison – 2n John Brown (Active Cycles RT) – 3  Paul Bethel  (Team Elite).

 June 21st

Inter-Club 25-Mile TT on Chelford Circuit

The conditions breezy but mild for the 19 riders but this did not prevent our Steve Hulme, in his second “25” this year, posting a very fast and winning 57.26! Other Members’ times: Karl Austin – 01:00:44, Jamie Willetts – 01:03:32, Jon Leigh – 1:08:16, Pete Tatton – 1:08:24, Edgar Reynolds – 01:10:05 and new member / novice, Chris Clowes – 1:11:10.

Future Fixtures

Saturday, 16th July, Short Club-run with café stop. Meet at Unicorn P.H., Holmes Chapel Road, West Heath at 10 a.m.

Report – July 25th 2011

Congleton Cycling Club

 This report includes the last rides of our dear member, Karl Austin and it is therefore very difficult to write enthusiastically about any of these events. Out of respect to Karl, the Club Events of 5th and 12th July and were cancelled and only resumed on 19th July – albeit in an atmosphere of sadness.

 Gisburn Dirty Dozen – Solo 12 Hour Mountain Bike Enduro, Gisburn forest. Jamie Willetts reports:

“Having arrived late on the Friday night there was no time for a practice lap to suss out the course prior to the race, so the first lap was going to be interesting. Chatting to some of the other competitors in the pub I was glad to here there was only one technical descent and the whole course should be fully rideable, wet or dry. Over night heavy rain damped the course nicely and we all woke early for the 7.30 start to a drying course. Luckily the weather gave bright but cool conditions with light winds were ideal for the race. After the Le Mans style running start I grabbed my bike and went off fairly easily. I overtook a large number of people in the first few laps before settling into 40-45 minute laps of the 8 mile course. 14 Laps and 11hrs 30mins of racing later, I finished in 10th place.”

Well done Jamie!

 June 25th / 26th

– Prescot Eagle 10-Mile TT at Rainford

Peter Hayhurst and Peter Nelson enjoyed the smooth, traffic-free roads and managed 27:44 and 30:07 respectively on a breezy but warm afternoon.

 – Club-Run to Pott Shrigley

Bob Banner, Stephen Kane and Dave McVitie braved the heat-wave to Prestbury, Adlington and up to Pott Shrigley where they met Sue Collins and Mark Tilstone who had done a longer ride. They returned via Bollington and Prestbury to complete 55 miles back to the Congleton Food & Drink Festival..

 – Otley C.C. 50-Mile TT at Dishforth

Alf Hilton’s venture into Yorkshire paid off with a fine 2nd place in 01:48:05, just 9 seconds behind Matt Moorhouse(Preston C.C.) – 01:47:56.

 – North Lancs 100-Mile TT at Bassenthwaite

Karl Austin posted 04:23:57. The clear winner was Derek Parkinson (Cleveley’s R.C.) with a course record 03:37:17.

 – Dartmoor Classic Sportive

Jamie Willets reports:

“Returning for the third year on the trot, I was looking forwards to riding on Dartmoor again, as it covers some of my favourite climbs and areas of the moor. The day started cool with thick mist over the lower climbs out of Bovey Tracey and Holne Hill, but bright sunshine once up on top of the moors. With temperatures predicted to be in the low to mid 20’s I knew it was going to be a long hot day in the saddle. By lunchtime any clouds there were had burnt off and temperatures in the high 20’s were sapping my legs of energy and of those around me also, many riders including myself experiencing cramp at different points. Completing the 105 miles and 9800 ft of climbing in a time of 6hrs 49mins, I was glad for some shade and a cold drink.”

 June 28th – Club 10-Mile TT on Chelford Circuit

On a mild, sunny evening, 12 Members and 8 Guests put in good performances. Steve Hulme was fastest of the Congleton riders with a time of 22:43, but fastest overall was Nige Wood (Will’s Wheels) in a time of 22:24. Other Members results: Karl Austin – 24:02, Andy Malbon – 25:55, Jon Leigh – 25:55, Peter Tatton – 25:59, Edgar Reynolds – 26:54, Tony Elliot – 27:05, Chris Clowes – 27:10, Mick Byrne – 27:42, Steve Sladin – 28:46, Peter Nelson – 30:15.

Timekeepers: Joyce Austin, Bob Dale. Marshals: Jill Elliott, Peter Hayhurst.

 July 2nd / 3rd

YCF “50” TT at Dishforth / Thirsk

Our Members had a very successful outing to North Yorkshire. Neil Skellern’s 1:44:32 was a PB which secured 3rd place and Alf Hilton’s 1:47:42 put him in 8th place. The winner was Kevin Dawson ( with 1:41:06.

 La Marmotte 174K Sportive, French Alps

Mike Harrison more than made-up for his previous disappointing rides by finishing 81st out of 5000+ riders in this toughest and most prestigious Challenge Ride which climbs the Cols of Telégraph and Galibier and then Alpe d’Huez (as Tour de France, last week) plus the Glandon at the start.- a total of 5180m climbing. Here is his report:

 “The day started around 6.30am as we took our places at the start. I thankfully had an forward start placing, only just behind the 400 who had qualified for the “race”.

I got into a fast moving pace-line on the valley road to the foot of the Col du Glandon which ramps up to 8% from the start. The scale of the mountains hits home, when after an hour and a half, you are still going uphill and this is only the first of the four climbs. The weather was sunny and reasonably cool with little wind though by the time I had descended to the valley for nearly 20 miles I was frozen.

After a quick ride down the valley we turned right onto the Col de Telégraph, a steady 9 mile climb through a forest, then a short 2 mile decent followed by the dreaded Col de Galibier. This really is a monster, approximately 20 miles long, climbing to nearly 9000 feet. Nearing the summit, every time I took a drink I went dizzy. Must’ve been the rarified air at that altitude. I felt envious of the other riders in semi pro teams who were having drinks and food handed up on each mountain. After a 30 mile drop and a headwind ride down the valley to Bourg d’Oisans we started the last and most famous climb – Alp D’Huez. This starts off with a series of hairpin bends: 3 miles at an average gradient of 10-12% then thankfully gets a little easier until you can finally see the ski resort ( and finish line ) way above you. Although always insight, the buildings never seem to get any closer as the miles and hills take their toll. I finally sprinted (sort of ) across the line in a time of 6 hours and 56 minutes, thankful to have sneaked inside 7 hours for the first time in 3 attempts but mostly relieved to finally stop pedalling !

Quite how the Tour de France riders actually race around here after 18 days racing is mind boggling.”

 July 9th / 10th

CTT National “100” TT Championship at Dishforth / Thirsk

On a windy day and against the top riders in the country, Neil Skellern recorded another magnificent PB of 3:41:43. This provides a sound basis for his attempt at his usual top BAR placing. The winner was non-other than Michael Hutchinson with 3:24:45.

 VTTA (Mcr&NW) “25” TT on Chelford Circuit

Kelvin Milward claimed 15th place with 1:02:56.

 MDTTA “100” TT Championship on Byley to Siddington Course

On a dry, cool day with little wind – in other words – good conditions, our Members did not perform as expected but Neil Skellern has to be “excused” for his modest 4:28:25, due to his PB at the same distance the previous day. His motive and success was to gain valuable points in the 2011 MDTTA Cheshire Points Series, in both Individual and Team Categories. Alf Hilton suffered from cramps for the last 20 miles, necessitating 3 stops and a massage but still managed 4.09.49 for 4th place. Dave Mulroy lost 20 minutes due to a puncture and thus finished with 5:06:01. Peter Hayhurst also suffered with cramps for the last 40 miles and slumped to a 5:24:35. Our riders were supported by Tony Elliott, Peter Nelson, Dave McVitie and Georgina and Bob Norton

 Club-Run to Priest’s House Café, Audlem

Following their marshalling duties at the Waggon & Horses in the above “100”, Georgina and Bob Norton, Dave McVitie, Peter Nelson and Doug Taylor had an enjoyable ride to Audlem.

 July 14th – Karl’s Funeral

Karl’s Obituary and Tribute appeared in last week’s Chronicle. All Member’s and former Members paid their personal tributes to Karl by riding and / or attending and working at the reception. The few that could not attend, due to being away on holiday, sent their apologies and messages of condolence.

 July 16th / 17th 

Club Social Ride to Cranage Craft Centre

Georgina Norton and Katie Mulroy did a 30 mile ride around the lanes, In pouring rain, including a stop at Cranage Craft Centre.

 MDTTA and VTTA National “50” TT Championships on Chelford Circuit

The weather improved in the late afternoon with only the odd heavy shower. Neil Skellern gave further proof of his fine form with 1:52:30 for 3rd place (and 1st Over-40), behind Charles Taylor’s winning 1:49:33, from a full field of 125 entrants. Peter Hayhurst managed 2:27:54 for 24th place on VTTA Standard.

 Hills & Plains of Cheshire AUDAX 210K & 110K Rides

These events were organised, as usual, by Rob Waghorn and attracted 60 entries. 30 riders rode the Hills & Plains 200K. Stephen Kane and Bob Norton and 3 others rode the 110K – Just the Hills and 25 riders started the Just the Plains 110K. Some failed to complete the ride due to the very wet conditions. All were grateful for the cheese on toast and tea / coffee provided by Avril Waghorn, supported by Georgina Norton.

 July 19th

Club “25” TT on Gawsworth – Siddington Circuit

There were just seven riders, including 1 guest, for the Gawsworth ’25? circuit on a cold and blustery evening. A minute’s silence was held in memory of Karl before the start. Winner was Kelvin Milward with a time of 1:04:35. Other Members’ results: Brendan McLaughlin – 1:06:43, Sue Collins – 1:08:12, Darren Nicholls – 1:14:30, Tony Elliott – 1:16:36, Edgar Reynolds – 1:20:25.

Timekeepers: Bob Norton, Bob Dale
Marshals: David McVitie, Peter Hayhurst, John Green, Ruth Goreham

 22nd / 24th July

CRUFC 24-Hour Rugby – World Record Attempt

This well-organised, entertaining (for supporters), strenuous (for players), tiring (for players and supporters) event was timed by six of our Members. Avril and Rob Waghorn, Georgina and Bob Norton, Denise and David Hurst worked in pairs, in shifts, covering the 26 hours from preparation through to finalising the paperwork. The previous record was beaten by approx. 20 minutes – so everyone was extremely happy.

 Mersey Roads 24-Hour TT in Shropshire / Cheshire

Wayne Jackson was our sole representative and also a TT novice at this distance / duration. He covered a splendid 246 miles in the first 12 hours – and was in 2nd position – but then faded and failed to complete the 24-Hours. He will pace his riding better in next year’s event. The winner was Philip Kelman of Deeside Thistle, with 479 miles.

 The Outlaw Ironman Triathlon – Nottingham

Dave Mulroy attempted and succeeded – in 11hrs 42mins 31secs! This was not only his first Ironman (2.4 mile swim + 112 mile ride + 26 mile run) but also his first Marathon run. He and his supporters were pleased with his 118th place out of 600+ competitors.

Report – August 15th 2011

Congleton Cycling Club

23rd / 24th  July

Bontrager TwentyFour 12  – 24hr solo MTB race, Newnham Park, Plymouth

Having had a strong early and mid season of training and racing, Jamie Willetts had been looking at this race as one of his main targets for the year. Unfortunately, a heavy off-day at a 10 hour race in Kirroughtree two weeks before, left him a little under-prepared in the final run- up to the event. 

 Willetts reports:

“Having travelled down the day before the race, I arrived to torrential rain which lasted for 4 hours but with the forecast set to improve I was not too panicked. The course was one of the most technical 24 hour courses that I have ridden, with a nice climb up onto the foot of Dartmoor to start, with lots of flowing single-track, before climbing back into a rooty forest section. This set the tone of the course. Dropping back through the event village, the course got back onto the more familiar turf with a muddy single track crawl next to the river before climbing back up to another section of single track and bomb-holes. 

 The race started hot – in terms of pace and heat – with many riders suffering, including myself and I started to get dehydrated by the end of 4 laps. My pace started to suffer, dropping from a top 15 position into the mid pack. I kept moving and was glad when the temperature started to drop in the evening. Unfortunately the heat had already taken its toll and a recurrence of a sore wrist from the previous race was making racing difficult. I managed to get through most of the night until I was struggling to hold onto the bars and steer so had to retire as the sun came up. Due to completing sufficient laps, I still placed 32nd but this was some-what disappointing considering I still had pedalling energy left. A Big Thanks to Abbi and Brian who came down to run the pits and keep me and the bike going as long as possible.”

Warrington R.C. 25-Mile TT on Chelford Course

Kelvin Milward – 1.02.50

 26th July – Club “10” TT on Chelford Course

A warm evening for the last of our races on the Chelford course brought out 26 riders (11 Congleton CC + 15 from other clubs). Steve Hulme was clear winner in a time of 22:11. Other Members’ results: Brendan McLaughlin – 24.05; Kelvin Milward – 24.10; Stephen Jackson – 25.16; Jon Leigh – 25.54; Edgar Reynolds – 26.14; Darren Nicholls – 26.22; Tony Elliott – 27.20; Steve Sladin – 28.14; David Hurst – 31.31.

Timekeepers: Bob Norton, Bob Dale
Marshals: Wayne Powell, Jill Elliott, Denise Hurst

30th / 31st  July

Cheshire Roads Club 50-Mile TT on Chelford Course

Neil Skellern achieved an excellent 2nd place with 1.51.48. The winner was Simon Bridge of Leigh Premier with 1.50.26.

Clubrun to Ice Cream Farm, Tattenhall then Astbury V.H.

Denise and David Hurst, Roy Hayhurst, Peter Nelson, Wayne Powell and DougTaylor enjoyed a fine-weather ride via Middlewich and Utkinton to a very busy Ice Cream Farm. The return ride was via Beeston then the lanes to Brereton but they could not resist another tea-stop at Astbury Village Hall – for a total of 65 miles.

2nd August

Club “10” TT on Gawsworth Course

On a pleasant but coolish evening, Paul Bethell (Team Elite) produced a 21.40 to beat Steve Hulme’s 22.01. Other Members’ results: Kelvin Milward – 24.20; Jamie Willetts – 24.27;  Sue Collins – 24.43; Pete Tatton – 25.36; Darren Nicholls – 26.00; Edgar Reynolds – 26.02;  Tony Elliott – 26.33; Steve Sladin – 27.04; David Hurst – 32.07

Timekeepers: Rob Waghorn, Bob Dale
Marshals: Avril Waghorn, Denise Hurst, Peter Hayhurst, Peter Nelson

6th / 7th August

BDCA “50” TT on Etwall Course

Neil Skellern produced another PB and Club Record with 1.42.42! His 6th place Overall, among the nation’s top (and younger) riders and 3rd place on VTTA Standard, was all the more impressive. The winner was Jeff Jones (Chippenham & District Wheelers) with 1.39.03.

Withington Wheelers “10” TT on Chelford Course

Peter Hayhurst recorded 27.16 which earned him 5th place on VTTA Standard. The winner was Adam Duggleby (Science-in-Sport) with 20.32.

Jean Baker Memorial 72-Mile Road Race at Stourport-on-Severn

Mike Harrison “sneaked” 2nd place in this undulating 14 mile circuit. An early move of 10 riders clipped off on the 1st lap, gaining a maximum of 90 secs. The bunch stayed intact with no other groups getting across to the leaders. Into the final 6 miles the gap was down to 40 secs so he attempted to jump across, on the main climb, with Flavio Zappi (the former KOM in the Giro d’Italia back in the late 80’s). He caught the break with 2 miles to go and fought out a 12 man sprint with Harrison being soundly beaten by a youngster from Halesowen C & AC. All good fun!

Clubrun to Dagfield’s Tea Room at Walgherton

Denise & David Hurst, Peter Nelson and Doug Taylor enjoyed a leisurely ride, again in fine weather, for a total of around 50 miles.

9th August – Club “10” TT on Gawsworth Course

On a pleasant but coolish evening, Steve Hulme won by a clear minute with 22.34. Other Members’ results: Brendan McLaughlin – 24.13; Kelvin Milward – 24.20; Mark Dooley – 24.43; Jamie Willetts – 24.54;  Stephen Jackson – 25.00; Sue Collins – 25.02; Pete Tatton – 25.42; Edgar Reynolds – 26.00;  Duncan Poole – 26.56; Chris Clowes – 27.36; Tony Elliott – 28.03; Steve Sladin – 28.06; David Hurst – 32.30.

Timekeepers: Rob and Avril Waghorn, Pusher – Bob Norton
Marshals: Peter Nelson, Bob Norton.

 13th / 14th August

Lyme Racing “25” TT on Uttoxeter Course

Kelvin Milward recorded his season’s best with 57.36. The winner was Charles Taylor (South Pennine R.C.) with 50.02.

Clubrun to Rose Farm Nursery, Utkinton

Georgina Norton, Bob Banner, Stephen Kane and Wayne Powell have a very pleasant ride to Utkinton, via Church Minshull and returned via Whitegate and Davenham.

 CTT and VTTA National 12-Hour TT Championship on Shropshire course

Neil Skellern, Graham Barker and Peter Hayhurst were our representatives, supported by Family and Members: Denise and David Hurst, Margaret Allen, Mary Renshaw and Peter Nelson. Neil Skellern did a magnificent ride of 286 miles, which was 10 miles more than last year and therefore set another Club Record! Graham Barker was not too happy with his 228 miles and Peter Hayhurst was disappointed with his 186 miles. The winner was Andy Bason (Team Pedalsport) with 302 miles.

Report – September 2nd 2011

Congleton Cycling Club’s – Wheely Successful August!

 This Report highlights the recent successes of Denise Hurst, Mary Renshaw, Mike Harrison and Neil Skellern

 17th to 21st August

Our Members took advantage of another weekend of good cycling weather, i.e. dry, sunny, light breeze and not too hot:

 – White Peak 110 km AUDAX from / to Marple.

Bob Norton rode with approx 80 riders from Marple via Hayfield, Chinley, Peakdale, Tideswell, Monsal Head, Youlgrave, Biggin, Monyash, Taddington, Millersdale, Wormhill, Peakdale, Chapel en le Frith, New Mills, back to Marple for a total of 2200 metres of ascent. It was a fine, dry day. He finished in 6 hours 15 minutes.

 – Social Ride to Goostrey Craft Centre

Georgina and Bob Norton, Bev Hambleton and Bob Banner kept to the local lanes, enjoying the pleasant weather. After lunch, they then assisted at the next event.

 – Congleton C.C. Open 50-mile TT on Chelford Course

Mary Renshaw was The Organiser of this annual event – for which we were all grateful.

Winner: Charles Taylor (South Pennine C.C.) – 1.48.40

Members Results: Peter Hayhurst – 2.27.07; then our two “50” Novices (encouraged by Karl Austin) Darren Nicholls – 2.39.55, David Hurst– 3.13.12.

 Marshals: Bob Norton, Bill Boynton, Gordon Dale, Rob Waghorn, Richard Thomas, David McVitie, Roy Hayhurst, Peter Nelson and Carol and John Pardoe.

Helpers / Officials: Kelvin Milward, Steve Sladin, Audrey Waddilove, Karen Blenkinsopp, Kath Biddulph, Beryl Swash, Georgina Norton

Signs: Peter Hayhurst and Kelvin Milward

 Mary Renshaw thanks all concerned and remarked: “Having such a willing bunch of volunteers / helpers is testament to what a well organised and enthusiastic club we are! The event went well and it was a good opportunity for Bob Norton to speak about Karl for those who weren’t able to attend his funeral”.

 We are now looking for someone to organise next year’s event and Mary Renshaw will gladly mentor anyone who is new to this job.

 – Macclesfield Whs “Parkinson Memorial” 55-mile TLI Road Race on Siddington Circuit

This was Steve Hulme’s first Road Race in six years. Although he and others attacked many times through Marton and up Siddington Bank, the race ended in a bunch sprint where he managed to finish in 9th place in the “A” Category.

 – Club-Run to Priest House Café in Audlem

Georgina and Bob Norton, Dave McVitie, Peter Nelson and Doug Taylor rode via Madeley and Barr Hill to this popular place and returned via Betley and Alsager.

 22nd – 26th August:

– West Peak 103km AUDAX from / to Marple

Bob Norton rode another of these mid-week events along with approx. 50 riders. In overcast and quite windy conditions. They started, as usual in Marple and then rode via Pott Shrigley, Langley, Macclesfield Forest, Wildboarclough, Wincle, Danebridge, Meerbrook, Thorncliffe, Warslow, Longnor, Flash Bar, Buxton, Goyt Valley, Kettleshulme, Higher Disley back to Marple. The 103km included 2400 metres ascent which he covered in 6 hours 25 minutes.

 – End-of-Club Event-Season Get-Together at Cheshire Tavern

With only the Club Hill Climb remaining – on Ganney Bank on 2nd October – this annual get-together, which was attended by 25 Members, should have been a totally happy occasion. Our Chairman, Bob Norton, gave a summary of the Bob Job Points Series for Club Time Trials which was celebrated but with an air of sadness due to multi-year Winner, Karl Austin, with 130 points, being no longer with us. The Hill Climb can still affect places 2 to 5 as the current standings are: Kelvin Milward – 93, Steve Hulme – 90, Edgar Reynolds – 88 and Tony Elliott – 86 points!

 – Paris-Brest-Paris, 1230km AUDAX

Denise Hurst completed this prestigious event in 88 hours 46 minutes – just 1 hour 14 minutes inside the time limit of 90 hours.

She commented: “At the finish, I was very, very tired but extremely elated and very proud of my achievement; spurred on by so many people at the Controls and all the way along the route. I am very grateful for the support from fellow riders, such as five from the Midlands, including Jim Hopper – Derby Mercury (on his Trike and succeeding in his 8th successive and successful ride, over the span of 32 years!). Also, three German lads who guided me down steep hills in total darkness, when my front light batteries were running down and needing to get to the next Control to fit fresh batteries. I had no other mechanical problems and no problems eating and drinking and the mainly side wind did not bother me too much either but I could just not get any sleep during the 3 nights(!!). Fortunately the weather was good – warm and with only one thunderstorm – so I finally made it to the Finish within the time limit”.


She is a “CLUB FIRST” as Gerry Goldsmith and Edgar Reynolds have each done P-B-P twice – but prior to joining our Club.

To cap it all, she and her friends rode the 200+ km from Paris to catch the ferry at Caen! Is that DEDICATION or WHAT?!

Caption: Denise Hurst still smiling, after 24hrs and 400km, between Tinteniac and Loudeac.

 – Masters World Cup + Championship Road Races + Hill Climb in St. JohannAustria

In these annual events, Mike Harrison achieved three top placings in his Age Category in a field of international riders, including many from USA:

– World Cup Road Race, 112km – 12th, only 55 seconds behind the leading 10 riders

– Hill Climb, 11.5 km – 5th, only 12 seconds slower than the winner.

– World Championship Road Race, 112km – 4th  – in 15-man sprint from 135 starters but only 26 finishers, due to heavy rain for the duration of the race.

Caption: Mike Harrison sprints to Age Category 4th place in the Masters World Cup Road Race in Austria.

 27th – 29th August

– Club-Run to Tatton Park – Gentle with Sting-in-the-Tail

Peter Hayhurst and Stephen Kane waited at the Rugby Club but no-one else turned up (racing / touring / holidays / commitments / rain?) so they headed off towards Hulme Walfield, where the rain stopped – so the rest of the ride, via Bate Mill, Mobberley and Ashley, to Tatton Park was only into a headwind. After an elevenses cuppa and a chat with Dave at D&G Bike Hire (an excellent facility, opposite the restaurant), they continued with a nice tailwind, via Knutsford and the back lanes around Plumley and Peover to Goostrey and then Swettenham to Astbury, after which they tackled Ganney Bank – purely as a test for Kane’s big Sportive, near Inverness, next week. Their times up the Ganney Bank Mile are a big secret!

 – Team Swift 10-mile TT at Hull

Neil Skellern was aiming for another Club Record to add to the three which he had already broken this year at various distances – and he achieved it! His 20.17 was not only an improvement of 33 secs but was good enough for 11th place out of 270 riders (3 events on same course). The overall winner was the National Champion, Michael Hutchinson whose 18.38 put him over a minute clear of 2nd place rider.

 – Pembrokeshire Velo Weekend: Hill Climb + Time Trials

Steve Hulme made his annual Bank Holiday trip to Pembrokeshire and enjoyed the good weather and the camaraderie of the regular locals and visitors and some success, even against the younger riders. On Sunday, he placed 5th in each of two events: the Hill Climb; recording 4 mins 15 sec compared to David Griffiths’ (Tenby Aces) 3 mins 59 secs., followed by the 10-mile Time Trial; recording 23.27 compared to Kieron Davies’ (Bynea C.C.) 21.18. On Monday, in the 15-mile Time Trial (replacing the 25-mile event due to road works), he recorded 35.40 compared to Kieron Davies’ 32.53. If a “General Classification” award is made then Hulme will have achieved 3rd place!

 – MDTTA Cheshire Points Series 2011

With only two events remaining (out of 20, with best 10 counting), Neil Skellern can still grab the Individual Title and our Club can still hold on to 3rd place in the Team Competition.

Skellern has amassed 260 points, with one more event to count. He is currently 8 points adrift of Nige Wood (Wills Wheels) and 1 point ahead of Simon Bridge (Leigh Premier) but they have already ridden 10 events and need improved placings to add points.

Our Club is in 3rd place in the Team Competition, with 578 points (Alf Hilton – 230 and Peter Hayhurst – 88) but Warrington R.C. and Wills Wheels have a big advantage, with 638 and 614 points, respectively.

Report – September 26th, 2011

3rd – 4th September

BDCA “100” TT on Etwall – Uttoxeter Course

What a great season for Neil Skellern! He broke yet another Club Record with 3.34.05 for 6th place out of a full field of top-class riders. This was a 7 minute improvement over his recent ride in the National Championship. The winner was Julian Jenkinson ( with 3.28.41. Skellern now lies in 7th place in the National Best All-Rounder Competition.

 Bealach Mor Sportive, 90 miles, at Applecross, Inverness

Bealach Na Ba is the UK’s biggest road climb at 2053ft (626m) from sea level in just 6 miles (10k). It is set in a fabulous unspoilt landscape with outstanding views of the sea and the hills over to the Isle of Skye. The Applecross Peninsula is renowned as a gem in Scotland’s crown of natural wonders, situated over 100 miles north of Fort William. Stephen Kane rode this event and reported:

 “It was a locally organised, non-profit event to raise funds for the local community for playing fields and supporting the upkeep of village halls. Whole villages turned out to support the riders which created a nice welcoming atmosphere for the 600 riders. Organisers also closed the road for the infamous Bealach Na Ba climb. The gradient started gently enough but soon climbed to between 10 to 15%, with a real sting in the tail; a set of alpine switchbacks and the gradient increasing to 21%. The weather was typically Scottish, with heavy rain, mist and sun all within a space of a couple of hours. Worse than any rain, were the midges. Seeing the locals walking about with nets on their heads, was an ominous warning of what was to come. Whenever we stopped for a breather or at a food station we were instantly swarmed by clouds of the beasties, where we became their lunch.

The following day, we switched to the Scottish North East Coast and cycled around the Black Isle and the Cromarty and Dornoch Firths.  Riding here was more relaxed and blissfully, midgie free. We saw pods of dolphins and seals basking on the rocks as we cycled along the coastal routes. We were also greeted by the amazing and surreal site of the newly commissioned Queen Elizabeth liner amongst the oil rigs lying in Nigg Bay, where it was having an impromptu repair to its propeller.”

 Club-Run to Shire Horse Café at Cotebrook – 62 miles

Denise Hurst, Georgina Norton, Dave McVitie, Peter Nelson and Doug Taylor had a fair-weather ride via Church Minshull to Cotebrook for an enjoyable lunch and returned via Whitegate, Vale Royal, Davenham, Lach Dennis, Plumley, Goostrey then made a slight detour in order to savour a beer at the Bears Head at Brereton before returning via Smallwood and Brownlow.

 10th – 11th September

ABC Centreville “25” TT on Chelford Course

On a very windy morning, Kelvin Milward recorded 1.01.49. The Winner was Robin Brennan (Preston C.C.) with 55.53.

 J.E.James “25” TT at Ranby

On a very windy afternoon, Peter Hayhurst recorded 1.15.16. The winner was Scott Burns (Manchester Wheelers) with 53.10.

 Buxton C.C. 5-Mile Hill Climb TT on Long Hill

Neil Skellern placed 14th Overall and 3rd Over-40, with 15min 30sec. The fastest time was recorded by Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy C.T.) with 13min 49sec.

 Club-Run to Dones Green Café – 65 miles

Georgina Norton, Stephen Kane, Doug Taylor and Rob Waghorn profited from the late summer sunshine on their 65-mile ride via Little Budworth to Dones Green and back via Weaverham.

 17th – 18th September

Club Social Ride to Minshull’s Garden Centre, Crewe – 35 miles

Georgina Norton, Bob Banner, Peter Hayhurst and Peter Nelson were fortunate on the outward ride, to avoid the showers by taking the lanes through Brownlow, Hassall Green, Winterley and Warmingham and then enjoyed “elevenses” coffee and sandwiches (lovely thick toast) but then had to contend with showers on their return via Minshull Vernon, Middlewich and Brereton.  

 Stone Wheelers “25” TT on Uttoxeter Course

Neil Skellern produced another excellent ride, a P.B. of 51.58 for 9th place Overall and 5th Over-40. Kelvin Milward recorded 59.29, in spite of work-reduced training (and rain and the up-hill, head-wind finish). The fastest time was recorded by James Ratcliffe (Fred Williams R.T.) with 50.02.

 Club-Run to Priest House Café, Audlem – 50 miles

Bev Hambleton, Stephen Kane and Doug Taylor explored the lanes around Alsager and Oakhanger before taking to the roads through Betley and Checkley. The return route was via Walgherton, Wybunbury, Hough, Weston and Haslington. Rain-free and enjoyable!

 24th – 25th September

Seamons C.C. “25” TT on Chelford Course

In surprisingly pleasant conditions, Neil Skellern rode a steady 57.04 for 6th place, as he needed to conserve energy for his main event the following day. Kelvin Milward recorded 1.1.45 and Peter Hayhurst improved to 1.11.30. The winner was Simon Bridge (Leigh Premier) with 53.19.

This was the last counting event for the 2011 Cheshire Points Competition, so we were all keen to  guess the outcome – see Result below.

 Weaver Valley, Cat & Fiddle, 6m TT Hill Climb

The 100+ riders had to endure windy and damp conditions. Neil Skellern put in another fine performance with 21.28 for 4th place. Kelvin Milward admits that hill-climbs are not his forte but makes the effort each year in memory of a friend and posted a worthy 29.17. The winner was Gunnar Gronlund (RST Racing Team – Trigon) with 19.44, followed by Mark Lovatt (Planet-X) with 21.00, then Lee Baldwin (Buxton C.C.)  with 21.04.

 Club-Run to Old Fire Station Café, Tarporley – 56 miles

The morning was cool and damp but the afternoon was warm and sunny for Georgina and Bob Norton, Dave McVitie, Peter Nelson and Doug Taylor. They rode the Whitegate Way from Winsford towards Little Budworth and then took to the lanes to the Tarporley lunch stop which was a new venue for our Club – and well worth-while. They returned via Church Minshull and Middlewich, in the heat and with a tail wind, for a total of 56 miles

 MDTTA Cheshire Points Competition – 2011 Result

Another year and another well-deserved but hard-fought Individual victory for Neil Skellern and a satisfying 3rd Team placing for our Club (Alf Hilton – 230pts and Peter Hayhurst – 88 pts)

More than 300 riders and 28 clubs competed.


1Neil SkellernCongleton CC282 pts
2Nige WoodWills Wheels CC274 pts
3Simon BridgeLeigh Premier RC271 pts


1Warrington RC656 pts
2Wills Wheels CC620 pts
3Congleton CC600 pts

Report – October 3rd 2011

Denise and Dave Hurst (on right), with friends Carol and John Pardoe at the summit of Col de la Cayolle.

A Months Cycle Tour Adventure in France (June-July 2011)

Two Members of Congleton Cycling Club, Denise and Dave Hurst, plus two friends set off with bikes and luggage from Macclesfield by train to Dover and boarded the ferry to Calais. Here is their report:

“On arrival in Calais, we jumped on the bikes and with luggage firmly fixed on the rear panniers, started an eleven day journey to Orange, staying in B&B’s and small hotels. From Calais we travelled via Arras, Soissons, Vitry-le-François, Montbard, Tournus, Bligny-sur-Ouche, Lyon, Vaison-la-Romaine to Orange. By cycling mostly on “B-Roads”, old “A-Roads” and lanes, we passed through many interesting towns and villages, where we were always made welcome by the locals. Near Orange, we joined up with sixteen other cyclists on a pre-arranged CTC tour where we toured through Provence and the Southern Alps. We were blessed with fantastic weather, only having rain on approx. 1½ days; the rest of the time was clear and sunny, often 30ºC plus. This made riding through Provence especially delightful as all the lavender and sunflowers were in full bloom.”

“Once again, on this Tour, still carrying our own luggage, we stayed in small provincial hotels, often two or more nights in some locations. Travelling to Buis-les-Baronnies, Sisteron, Turriers, Barcelonette, Guillaumes, Castellane, Oraison to Aurel. During the tour, we passed through many of the legendary gorges such as Gorges du Cians, and Daluis, via the Fortress of Entrevaux and the Grand Canyon du Verdon and many more. These locations not only have great scenic interest but are also rich in history and geology. But as we all know; going down also means going up – a bit contradictory but nevertheless, a fact. We thereby ended up climbing many Cols such as: Col des Sagnes, the Col d’Allos and the testing but rewarding Col de la Cayolle, and many more – all with fantastic panoramas and well worth the effort.”

“On some of the free days, Dave and Denise took time out to cycle some of the most infamous mountain climbs in the area, such as, Mont Columbis near Turriers, plus the famous Cime de la Bonnette and the mighty Mont Ventoux which we first climbed in 2010 with Mary Renshaw of CCC and other friends. We spent our last night in Aurel with our CTC touring friends, with a great meal, plenty of wine and good humour. The following morning we departed Aurel and cycled to Nimes airport, found an overnight stop near to. Next morning, we packed our bikes in special polythene bags and flew back to Liverpool and home.
Our comments: Great Holiday / Great Cycling / Great People – “The French” – who were after all our hosts / Great Weather / Great Food and Wine. Cycling Statistics: Approx. 1380 miles; approx. 20,690 metres climbed on marked Cols and mountains.”

“Our Advice: Get on yer bike and ride. A cycling holiday will be one you will enjoy – and remember more than most – and you can tailor and adapt to suit yourselves, before and during your time away. We found the D.I.Y approach good fun and good value. Go on the net, book some B&B’s and arm yourselves with good maps, a GPS, a phone and off you go. Don’t travel too many miles / km’s each day between stay-overs; give yourselves time to relax and chill-out. Get to know and enjoy the country you’re travelling in, and of course the people. Plus, don’t forget you make all the decisions of when and where to go.
Happy cycling, anywhere, anytime!”

25th September – World Duathlon Championships at Gijon, Spain
Bill Boynton competed for GB in the World Duathlon Championships at Gijon, Spain where 700 competitors from over 100 countries went to the start line. As the British 65-69 Age Group champion, he had high hopes this year. Unfortunately, his preparation was badly disrupted; unable to run for 4 months by an Achilles injury and with only 4 weeks full training under the belt, he decided to compete. He reported:
“I ran a strong opening 10.5 km in 43:09 but the lack of race fitness showed as early as the first of the two 20 km bike laps over a hilly course when severe cramp held him back for the rest of the race. To make matters worse, he and some other competitors were misdirected by a marshal and 3 minutes were lost so he clocked 1h 14 min, well below his best. In the final 5.2 km run it was a case of hanging on in 23:30 for an overall time of 2:26:30 which placed him 5th of 20 entries in 65-69 age category. Reflecting on the experience afterwards, Boynton commented “It was a great experience to take part in my first World Championship and in the circumstances, I am very pleased with the result, as excluding the misrouting, I was close to my PB and would have finished 4th. There is always 2012 to look forward to but I will be in the last year of my age group, with strong younger competitors moving up. At World level, extra years are a big penalty. Maybe in 2013 then! “

2nd October
Club Hill Climb TT – Ganney Bank – 1 mile
A well supported event, in pleasant conditions, with 13 riders and 5 helpers / supporters. The winner was Neil Skellern in 6 minutes 4 seconds, followed by: Stephen Jackson – 7.01; Darren Nicholls – 7.42; Kelvin Milward – 8.07; Stephen Kane – 8.13; Wayne Powell – 9.29; Tony Elliott – 9.52; Peter Hayhurst – 9.57; Duncan Poole – 10.05; Dave Hurst – 10.47 and Guests: Pierre Jackson – 6.49; John Green – 7.33; Ruth Goreham – 8.13.
Timekeepers: Rob Waghorn, Bob Norton
Start Steward / Refreshments: Avril Waghorn
Supporters: Denise Hurst, Georgina Norton, Roy Hayhurst, Dave McVitie.

Bob Job Points Competition – Final Standings
Previous reports had stated that Karl Austin would retain the winning position but second place was up-for-grabs and Kelvin Milward did not disappoint.
1st – Karl Austin, 130
2nd – Kelvin Milward, 116
3rd – Steve Hulme, 108
4th – Edgar Reynolds, 100
5th – Tony Elliott, 96
Well Done to the top five and also to the other 31 Members who gained points this year.

“Rourkies” Charity Cat&Fiddle Challenge – 55 miles
Following the Hill Climb, five riders joined this ride at Astbury, handed in their donations at the Burslem HQ and returned to Astbury in 3 hrs 30 mins, excluding the stop at HQ, for the three fast men (Stephen Jackson and son, Pierre and Bill Boynton) and 3hrs 40 mins for the two slower riders (Peter Hayhurst, Wayne Powell).
The breeze was generally assisting on the Cat & Fiddle climb but changed to a trouble-some headwind on Axe Edge on onwards to Royal Cottage

Clubrun to Priest House, Audlem – 52 miles
Following the Hill Climb, eight Members continued on the delayed Clubrun via Oakhanger lane and the roads through Betley and Checkley to this ever-popular venue. Denise and Dave Hurst, Georgina and Bob Norton, Dave McVitie, Peter Nelson, Doug Taylor and Rob Waghorn enjoyed all aspects of social cycling in pleasant but easy country lanes. They even made it home, via Wybunbury, Crewe Green, Haslington and Hassall Green, before the rain started.

Report – October 24th, 2011

Sunday Oct 9 – Clubrun and Johnny Helms Grand Prix des Gentlemen TT

Denise Hurst, Mary Renshaw, Peter Hayhurst and Doug Taylor threaded their way through the hundreds of runners / joggers up Rood Hill and along Giantswood Lane – saying “Hello” to Bill Boynton who was doing his annual marshalling job (as a Harriers Member). We were overdressed for cool, wet weather – which hadn’t appeared – so had to start unzipping through Bate Mill. We delivered Mary Renshaw to Marthall Village Hall to get her marshalling location for the Johnny Helms 2-up, Grand Prix des Gentlemen TT which was commencing at noon. The rest of us carried on via Mobberley and Ashley to Tatton Park café, where we were joined by Roy Hayhurst. After our usual nourishment, we rode through Knutsford to the end of Seven Sisters Lane at Toft where we kept Mary Renshaw and Carol Pardoe (Seamons C.C.) company for the duration of the race. We recognised most of the riders from last year’s event – the Old Timers and the Young Pacers – who came from all over the country. We gave them a hearty cheer on each of their three circuits. The wind force increased and the clouds became gloomy and the later riders had to contend with rain and wet roads. Half of our group returned home via the lanes and the others made their way to the Prize Presentation at Marthall.

Friday Oct 14 – Newcastle Track Cycling Association Awards  

Edward Mulroy aged 5, the clubs youngest member, was the winner this year of the Newcastle Track Freewheelers League Group 3.  He accepted his award from Rick Notley, (photo attached) at their annual presentation evening on Friday evening. Last year the same competition was won by older sister, Hollie. This year Hollie aged (8), has progressed to Freewheeler Group 2, where she finished a fine 4th. The Freewheelers league races are held every Thursday evening throughout the season (weather permitting). This year, there were 64 youngsters across the 3 groups comprising the league.

The NTCA also award an annual trophy in memory of Graham McCargo our late club chairman. The award is for the winner of the season long Keirin League. This year the winner was Barney Swinnerton of Team SIS.

Saturday Oct 15 – Club Social Ride

Six riders enjoyed a circuitous route on a fine day to Hopley House at Wimboldsley. Bob Norton led the group comprising Georgina Norton, Bev Hambleton, Bob Banner, David McVitie and guest, Martin Bee. They rode out via Lower Withington, Jodrell Bank, Goostrey and Middlewich, returning via Cledford Bridge and Brereton Heath for a pleasant round trip of 33 miles

Sunday Oct 16 – Horseshoe 212K and Aqueduct 178K Audax.

Denise Hurst promoted two long distance rides under Audax UK rules on Sunday. Both routes went via Malpas to Chirk and returned via Holt / Farndon, Tattenhall and Church Minshull. After Chirk, the 212 km event went out beyond Llangollen towards Corwen, across the Dee and through Rewl, then over the Horseshoe Pass and down to Llandegla, to Rossett. The shorter, less hilly ride of 178 km cut across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct near Llangollen. After a wet section between Nantwich and Malpas, the sun appeared, the temperature rose and the beautiful views down the Dee valley and over Llandegla were enhanced by the autumn tints.

 Forty riders completed the longer ride, including Members: Denise Hurst (who checked the route on Friday), Peter and Roy Hayhurst, Stephen Kane and Darren Nicholls. There was a group of ten from Derby Mercury, two from Cumbria and two from Kent. Twenty Four riders completed the shorter ride including Members: Georgina and Bob Norton, David Hurst, David McVitie and Doug Taylor. Rob Waghorn also joined the ride. Everyone thanked Denise Hurst for the excellent organisation and for the food and drink at the Rugby Club which was served by Jo Brown, Mary Renshaw, Avril Waghorn and John Dean.

Thursday Oct 20 – Activities Evening

The club enjoyed a games and ‘activities’ evening – organised by our Social Secretary – Georgina Norton, who reports:

“Twenty four people participated in a range of activities including, quizzes (general knowlege and geography), baked bean tasting and changing inner tubes as well as 10 pin bowling (wii version) arranged by Bob Norton. Mike Harrison was fastest at changing an inner tube -taking 2:04 minutes (maybe a club record ?). He also won John Dean’s General Knowledge quiz. Rob Waghorn and Bob Norton proved they were connoisseurs of baked beans and certain café’s preferences. Too much time spent in these cafés perhaps? Even on a tie-break taste they could not be separated! John Green and Ruth Goreham won a prize for their geographical knowledge of the British Isles – Rob Waghorn’s “Round Britain” quiz. There was also a constant queue for the services of our resident masseuse -Avril Waghorn, who has not revealed (yet) who had the best legs”.

Members congratulated Georgina on the excellent organisation and her tasty and plentiful refreshments of sandwiches, salads and snacks. All in all a Great Success!

Weekend Oct 22 – 23

Clwydian AUDAX 210k from Corwen

Sixty riders did the shorter versions but Denise Hurst was our sole representative among 20 starters in this long, hilly AUDAX which was rated as 3.5 AAA due to the many climbs. Following the flat section around Lake Bala, the route headed over the Nant-y-Garth, down to Ruthin and then to St. Asaph and Abergele before the long climb up to Llyn Brennin. The weather was excellent during daylight hours but the return leg to Corwen was in darkness and into a head-wind. Twelve hours was her elapsed time.

Clubrun to Rose Farm, Utkinton

Nine Members plus one friend rode via Goostrey, Lach Dennis, Davenham, Oulton Park and Utkinton to this pleasant venue. The group comprised: Georgina & Bob Norton, Denise & David Hurst, Bev Hambleton, Roy Hayhurst (spare tyre king), Stephen Kane and friend, Ewan, Dave McVitie and Wayne Powell. The return ride went via Church Minshull, Middlewich and Brereton – for a total of 55 miles – in breezy but mild and dry conditions.

Report – November 18th 2011

More Sad News
John Dean, a longstanding and much valued Member, passed away on the 9th of November. He died at 1:30 p.m. in the intensive care unit of Macclesfield Hospital, where he had been admitted with breathing difficulties.
In recent times John has contributed greatly to the social side of the club. He was always ready with a witty quip and was our quiz master in the well attended quiz evenings. He took great interest in time trialling, supporting the club’s active riders. In earlier years he rode for Middlesex Road Club and was a very good time trial rider himself, excelling at the longer distances.
John was also a member of the RAF Association, and Pam has asked for donations to them. Funeral arrangements: Cremation at Macclesfield on Thursday, 24th November (today) at 1.20 p.m. Members on bikes will leave Broken Cross (Fallibroome Road) at 12.50 p.m. to lead the cortège.
Our thoughts and prayers are with John’s wife, Pam and family at this sad time.

Sunday Oct 30 – Clubrun to National Hill Climb Championship
Eight Members: Denise and David Hurst, Mary Renshaw, Graham Barker, Roy Hayhurst, Stephen Jackson, Bob Norton and Wayne Powell rode via Macclesfield, over the Cat & Fiddle to Buxton and then up to Long Hill in order to support our Neil Skellern who produced a splendid performance to claim 1st place in Age Category B (45-49) and 29th overall, against all the UK top riders. Our group then headed via Kettleshulme and up Charles Head, for a late lunch at Pott Shrigley Tavern and then returned via Bollington, Prestbury and Broken Cross – all in bright and sunny conditions but with a cool breeze.

Sunday Nov 14th – Clubrun to Audlem
Georgina and Bob Norton, Bill Boynton, Roy Hayhurst, David Hurst, Stephen Kane and Doug Taylor rode via Alsager, Audley, Madeley, Barr Hill, Ashton, Norton-in-Hales, to the ever popular Priest’s House Café and after nourishment and a good natter, returned via Wybunbury, Haslington, Hassall Green and Brownlow – for an enjoyable 60 miles in fine weather.

Saturday / Sunday Nov 19th / 20th
Social Ride to Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre
Georgina and Bob Norton were the only participants, which was surprising as the weather was very kind. They rode via Radnor Bank, Bate Mill, Chelford and Marthall for a first visit to Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre which they now highly recommend due to the overall high quality of food, service, facilities and friendliness. The return route (to achive 30 miles) would need to be via Goostrey, Middlewich, Brereton, Smallwood and Brownlow.

Clubrun to Shire Horse Centre, Cotebrook
In dull and misty conditions, Denise & David Hurst, Georgina & Bob Norton and Stephen Kane rode via Lach Dennis, Davenham and Vale Royal to Cotebrook and enjoyed the warmth and the calory intake and then returned via Little Budworth, Willenhall, Church Minshull, Middlewich and Brereton.- for a total of 60 miles.

Results of MDTTA Championships – 2011
Senior Best All-Rounder is our own Neil Skellern! His average speed of his best performances on local courses, over 25-, 50-, 100-miles and 12-hours, was 25.816mph which was 0.3mph faster than Mark Turnbull of Leigh Premier. Peter Hayhurst managed to crawl into 10th position with 18.85 mph average. Unfortunately, our Club did not have a 3rd rider so could not compete for the Team Prize.

Individual events: Neil Skellern won the 12-hour Championship Trophy for his 286.45 miles (a Club Record) and also, 1st Veteran (Over-40) on Standard Time. He was 2nd in the 50-mile Championship. Alf Hilton took 2nd place in the 25-mile Championship and 3rd place in the 100-mile Championship

Report – December 12th 2011

Cycling Chicks were on a challenge to Catch 22

Saturday / Sunday Nov 26th / 27th

VTTA Standards Presentation at Alcester

Denise Hurst, Mary Renshaw, Peter Hayhurst and Peter Nelson were amongst the seven delegates from the VTTA Manchester & North West Group who attended this presentation of the year-long study and recommendations of the Standards (Handicap System) Review by the Working Party. We felt it was not only worthwhile from the information point of view but also as a gesture of support and acknowledgement of the expertise and work involved. The tea-breaks enabled us to socialise with people whom we rarely meet and the homeward journey was interrupted by a very enjoyable meal.

VTTA (Mcr & NW Group) Prize Presentation 2011

Our Vice Presidents, Kath Biddulph and Roger Little, plus Members – Denise and David Hurst, Mary Renshaw, Peter Hayhurst and Peter Nelson attended the annual Lunch and Prize Presentation in Middlewich. As usual, the Christmas Spirit was in full flow with seasonal decorations and of course the seasonal food which was excellent and plentiful. The various speeches were not only interesting but also humourous and it was a priviledge to see and hear the Guests of Honour, Ruth and Bob Williams (of Cheshire 12-Hour fame) and also the “Welcome” by Chris Ashworth and the “Response” from Dave Fearon. Our Club had only one prize-winner this year. Peter Hayhurst collected his certificates for the Group 3- and 4-Distance BAR (Best All-Rounder) Competition, achieving 4th place in each.

Sunday Dec 4th – Clubrun to ??

Stephen Kane reports:

“Roy Hayhurst, Stephen Kane, Bob Banner and Bill Boynton set off in a watery sun for what should have been a trip to Delamere Forest. However there was rebellion in the camps and we changed to a non specific venue in the direction of Beeston Castle. The strong headwind and lack of Club runs forced an early dismissal and changed the quartet to a triumvirate at Warmingham. Ranks were further reduced when Roy Hayhurst left early for lunch, only after he had decided that he would try and break the other two by forcing a time trial pace into the aforementioned headwind.

Unbroken, the dynamic duo that was left carried on their non specific route to a caff around the Castle. Armed with a Garmin we sought out unexplored routes in the labyrinth of lanes that make Cheshire so fun to cycle around.

We eventually decided to be specific and settled on a cafe at Tiverton. Unfortunately, post lunch, the day got less sunny and distinctly more watery, though at least we could now speak to each other above the sound of the wind. Still in a non-conformist mood, we ended up going through Crewe Town Centre on the way home in pursuit of carving out new routes. 64 miles after setting off from the Congleton Rugby Club we arrived back in town, a bit bedraggled, but happy that we decided to give the alternative of Christmas shopping with our families a miss. What is the internet for after all!

If this sounds like more fun than traipsing around the Trafford Centre and you would like to join the Congleton Cycle Club, then please come along for a cup of tea and a chat at the Congleton Rugby Club on a Thursday night.  We meet from 8:30pm to 10.30pm.”

 Sunday Dec 11th

– Clubrun to Dagfields

Stephen Kane and Bob Norton were the “club run”. They did the advertised ride to Dagfields via Alsager, Audley and Madely, returning via Wybunbury, Wrinehill, Betley, Haslington, Sandbach Flashes, Middlewich and Brereton Heath. Very wet on way home. About 60 miles.

– M&DTTA Christmas 10-mile TT at Goostrey

This annual event is 50% Fancy Dress and 50% Racing. After a sunny Saturday, Sunday dawned grey and wet but fortunately not freezing so this did not deter many entrants. Club Members, who rode the Fancy Dress event, supported by Dave Hurst and Peter Nelson, were two of the twelve Chelford Chicks, Denise Hurst and Mary Renshaw and Peter Hayhurst was a lone “Catch 22” Father Christmas. The Chicks won the best fancy dress team prize.  “Catch 22” was the fastest of the solo riders, putting 5 seconds into David Joynson (Kidsgrove Wheelers) and 30 seconds into Nige Wood (Wills Wheels)!  Ironically, in this moment of glory, there was no prize for fastest rider in the Fancy Dress race – so clearly nobody could catch 22, which has got to be worth more than just a few quid. 

The Organiser, Dave Fearon (Weaver Valley C.C.) reports: “ Despite the wet and windy conditions the M&DTTA Christmas 10 mile time trial went well with only 17 none starters out of a field of 114 riders and no DNF’s.  The solo fancy dress event was well supported and enjoyed by the many spectators.  Best fancy dress was “The Star” (Ian Fielding – Stretford Wheelers and best fancy dress tandem was “Mary & Donkey” (Sarah & John Swinnerton – Kidsgrove Wheelers).  The costumes were great and the Chelford Chicks (Manchester Ladies in disguise) were the only riders who kept warm in their feathery outfits.  Paddy the Billevette (Pat Healey – Team Spirit) was dressed in full cheerleader outfit and disturbingly raised quite a few eyebrows dressed as a woman! The serious tandem event  (if you can call racing in cold rain in December serious), was won by Richard Cording & Andrew Dearing of Matlock CC with 22:34.  In second place were David Homer & Colin Williamson of Solihull CC with 24:43. Eight tandems started and finished the event which would be a good field in a Summer tandem event on a fast course, so thanks to them for making a race of it. The solo event was won by local rider Steve Burke of Macclesfield Whls with an impressive 22:54 on this sporting course.  Steve narrowly  beat Ian Cooke of Team Swift who recorded 22:59 and in third place was popular coach and local ace, John Morgan of Preston Wheelers with 23:25.  Steve Burke also retained the Jim Broome trophy as best M&DTTA rider. The fastest lady was Anne Staley (Plan B Racing) with 30:54, narrowly beating Angela Barratt (Kidsgrove Wheelers) who recorded 31:08.”

John Dean’s Funeral

Club Members on bikes, in club colours, lead the funeral cortege to Macclesfield Crematorium: Georgina and Bob Norton, Denise and David Hurst, Bill Boynton, Jim Cook, Peter Hayhurst and  Doug Taylor. They were joined by Jean Lester, Les Lancaster and Peter Nelson. Pam Dean and her daughter, Kate, invited all attendees to a gathering at Wellspring Methodist Church Hall where we offered our condolences and reminisced about John’s lovely character and his valued contribution to the life of our Club.