Press – 2010

Report – January 10th, 2010

Our Club sends sincere condolences to Norma Hancock and Family regarding of the passing of Roy. Roy had a heart by-pass in the early 1990’s then joined our Club and was a very keen rider and participated in Club-Runs for more than 8 years. His health deteriorated in recent years but Roy had The Cycle Centre build up a Trike with oxygen bottle attachment so that he could continue cycling. Our Club is very proud of him. 

Nine of us met at 11 o’clock on New Year’s Day at the Tittesworth visitor centre. The nine were, (from l to r in photo) Angela Taylor, Jean Shaw, John Harrison, Bob and Georgina Norton, Doug Taylor, Kelvin Milward, David and Denise Hurst. The 4-mile walk around the reservoir was enjoyed in very cold and crisp conditions, with a few snow flurries which enhanced the beautiful scenery. Afterwards we went to the tea room in the visitor centre for refreshments and more conversation. A good time was had by all!

Future Fixtures

The next Saturday Social Ride will be this Saturday, 16th January, at 11.30 from West Heath Shopping Centre – Holmes Chapel Road entrance.

The first of the annual Reliability Rides, the 49-miler, is scheduled for 24th January, signing-on commencing at 8.30 a.m. at the Rugby Club.

Press Report – January 24th, 2010

The Social Ride on Saturday, 16th was a disappointment as it was supported only by Georgina Norton, who later met Bob Norton on the way to Hopley House.

That evening, six members attended another exiting Revolution Meeting at the Velodrome.

Due to the icy weather in the first half of January, the first Sunday Club-Run of 2010 was held on 17th, to Audlem, in dry and mildish conditions, with only a gentle breeze – and was therefore very enjoyable. Nine riders: Georgina and Bob Norton, Denise and David Hurst, Mary Renshaw, Roy Hayhurst, Stephan Kane and Mark Tilstone rode via Barr Hill, whilst Karl Austin did extra miles via Baldwins Gate. They were met by Peter Hayhurst at the start of their return ride via Wybunbary and Haslington where they also encountered Les Lancaster.

The first of the annual Reliability rides, the 49-miler, was held last Sunday in cool and wet conditions. 42 riders, mainly from Congleton and Leek, headed for Bosley and then to Fools Nook, Gawsworth, Broken Cross, Alderley Edge, Warford, Ollerton, Toft, Middlewich, Warmingham to Maw Green (Crewe) and returned via Haslington, Hassal Green, Smallwood and Astbury. 32 riders successfully completed the challenge. The remaining 10 riders were forced to cut short their rides due to punctures, caused by the many potholes and stones – the aftermath of the recent icy conditions. We are grateful to our Organiser / Timekeeper, Joyce Austin and to Avril Waghorn and friends who served a welcome Tea and Sandwiches at the Rugby Club.

Press Report – February 7th, 2010

Congleton Cycling Club 

The M&DTTA Lunch and Prize Presentation was held on the last Sunday in January. A total of 17 Members – Prize-winners and Supporters – enjoyed the excellent meal and the friendly banter around the Prize Presentation. Our top rider was Neil Skellern (as usual) but he was ably supported by Karl Austin, Graham Barker and Edgar Reynolds in the Team Competitions and Peter Nelson won the 70+ Category in the Cheshire Points Series. The photo shows, from l to r: David Hurst, Peter Hayhurst, Denise Hurst, Graham Barker, Edgar Reynolds, Linda Austin, Mary Renshaw, Margaret Allen, Joyce Austin, Karl Austin, Neil Skellern, Peter Nelson, Georgina and Bob Norton. Lynne Skellern also attended but we did not realise that she was missing in this line-up. 

The second of the annual Reliability rides, the 65-miler, was held last Sunday in cool but dry and calm conditions. 35 riders, mainly from Congleton and Leek, headed for Middlewich and then Church Minshull, Utkinton to Oscroft / Tarvin, which was the furthest southerly point. The next section was through Delamere Forest and then Norley, Acton Bridge, Great Budworth. The return section was via Tabley, Knutsford, Bate Mill and Lower Withington. There were a few punctures and 6 riders stopped for elevenses at Dones Green but still managed to complete the ride within the time limit. We are grateful to our Organiser / Timekeeper, Joyce Austin who also served a welcome Tea and Hot Cross buns at the Rugby Club. 

Press Report – February 21st, 2010

Eight members participated in the club-run on 14th February. Denise and David Hurst, Georgina and Bob Norton, Karl Austin, Peter and Roy Hayhurst and Doug Taylor enjoyed an easy, sociable ride in dry but cold and grey conditions. Radnor Bank caused a welcome warming-up but then it was steady-eddy, chat-chat with just a bit of puff-puff via Toft, Knutsford, Tabley and High Legh to the lunch stop at Poplar 2000. The return leg was via Appleton and Great Budworth, in slightly brighter weather – and the consensus was – “better than lazing (or working) at home”, plus a well-earned hot shower or bath – to boot. 

At the club meeting last Thursday, a decision was taken to postpone this weekend’s Saturday Social Ride and the Sunday 100 Reliability Trial – see revisions – below. This decision proved to be the right one as the forecasted bad weather continued over the weekend. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to the end of winter but in the meantime, some are even heading for warmer cycling climes – e.g. Lanzarote! 

Press Report – March 1st, 2010

Eight members participated in the club-run on 14th February. Denise and David Hurst, Georgina and Bob Norton, Karl Austin, Peter and Roy Hayhurst and Doug Taylor enjoyed an easy, sociable ride in dry but cold and grey conditions. Radnor Bank caused a welcome warming-up but then it was steady-eddy, chat-chat with just a bit of puff-puff via Toft, Knutsford, Tabley and High Legh to the lunch stop at Poplar 2000. The return leg was via Appleton and Great Budworth, in slightly brighter weather – and the consensus was – “better than lazing (or working) at home”, plus a well-earned hot shower or bath – to boot. 

At the club meeting last Thursday, a decision was taken to postpone last weekend’s (Feb 20/21) Saturday Social Ride and the Sunday 100 Reliability Trial – see revisions – below. This decision proved to be the right one as the forecasted bad weather continued over the weekend. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to the end of winter but in the meantime, some are even heading for warmer cycling climes – e.g. Lanzarote! 

The clubs Saturday, short club run on Feb 27th covered about 20 miles with a cafe stop at Malkins Bank. The participants were Georgina and Bob Norton and Bob Banner. These rides are normally on the third Saturday of the month, and will form part of an East Cheshire program of organised rides open to all. 

The Audax season got underway for some on Feb 28th, with the South Manchester CTC, 153 km (95 miles) completed by Georgina and Bob Norton, and 201 km (126 mile) completed by Denise Hurst. Both rides started from Cheadle (Stockport), going out through Alderley Edge, Goostrey, Sandbach, Alsager, Betley, Woore, and Norton in Hales. The longer ride continued through Market Drayton to Newport, while the shorter ride turned off. Both rides then returned via Audlem, Wrenbury, Church Minshull, Middlewich, and Wilmslow to Cheadle.

Dire weather forecasts proved to be incorrect, with dry conditions, albeit with a cold NW wind. The forecasts did however cause the cancellation of the resurrected Potteries 100, which, whilst not a Congleton C.C. promotion, has in previous years been well supported by club members. Karl Austin did ride the new route, through the Peak District, and reports that it is a very hard 95 miles. 

Press Report – March 14th, 2010

The first open Time Trial of the 2010 racing season, the M&DTTA 10-miler, took place on 6th March, on the local Twemlow – Chelford course. Karl Austin, our sole representative, recorded a sound 26:54 in the cold conditions. The next day, Alf Hilton, our newest member, rode the tough and cold North Lancs Road Club 28-mile Hilly Time Trial – The Circuit of Pendle – based at Whalley. He recorded 01:07:00 for a fine 3rd place and 1st place in the over-40 “Veteran” category. 

The 100-mile Reliability Ride was held on 7th March under cloudless skies and on dry roads, hardly any wind but in very cold conditions. The 12.5mph group, consisting of Georgina and Bob Norton, Wayne Jackson, Derek Lynes and Doug Taylor, started at 8 a.m. in freezing conditions of -3.5ºC and it wasn’t until the tea-stop at Eccleshall that they began to thaw-out. The 15mph group of Denise Hurst, Karl Austin (Organiser), Chris Dale, Stephen Jackson, Stephen Kane, Kelvin Milward, Duncan Poole and Neil Skellern started at 9 a.m. Despite puncture – delays, the two groups met at the Raven Café, Prees, lunch-stop but because there was still a 30 minute difference, the groups continued on their separate ways via the beautiful country lanes between Whitchurch and Nantwich, to the tea-stop on the canal-side at Burford where Joyce Austin and Beryl Swash were once again ready to serve tea and biscuits and hot-cross buns to the grateful riders. The return leg was via Church Minshull and Middlewich with the sun still warm on their backs. Tea and refreshments were served again, at the Rugby Club. All riders were very satisfied at completing the rides within the set time limits. 

On 13th March, Karl Austin rode the second of the M&DTTA 10-mile Time Trials on the Twemlow – Chelford course and improved by 10 seconds to 26:44. Alf Hilton recorded another top performance in the Pendle Forest 27-mile Time Trial on the hilly Circuit of Ingleborough. He placed 6th on overall and 2nd Veteran in the 40+ category. The next day, Hilton rode even better in the Lancaster C.C. Hilly 21-mile Time Trial on the tough Caton Circuit grabbing 1st place overall, i.e. beating all the younger riders. 

The last of the Reliability Rides, the 38-mile Hilly, was held on 14th March. Eleven members (mostly same as last week’s 100-miler but plus David Hurst) completed the ride which included eleven of the toughest climbs in Cheshire, commencing with Blacky Bank and Cloudside and finishing with Standing Stones, Dumbas and Timbersbrook from Wood Treatment Works. The rising NW wind proved troublesome on the return leg but at least the temperature was mild and the road surfaces dry. Peter Nelson commenced his come-back, after shoulder replacement, with a club-run to the Harvest Store Café in Wimboldsley, accompanied by Georgina Norton.

Press Report – March 28th, 2010

Saturday, 20th– Altrincham Ravens “25”: Alf Hilton achieved another excellent 6th place with 56:48 and Karl Austin, a worthy 34th with 1:05:48. They were cheered on by the Social ride group of Georgina Norton and Peter Nelson – in spite of the wet conditions in the Goostrey area.

Sunday, 21st – Ribble Valley Hilly 19-miler on the Bashall Eaves Circuit: Alf Hilton improved again to equal 2nd place overall and 1st place in the over-40 category. The last of the Reliability Rides, the 150-miler, to Ludlow and back, was held in excellent conditions. Denise Hurst, Karl Austin, Neil Skellern completed the ride in 12 hours and found (or made) time to enjoy a Sunday Roast in Ludlow. The Clubrun group had an easy ride to the Ice Cream Farm at Tattenhall. Georgina Norton, Peter Hayhurst, Stephen Kane and Doug Taylor also enjoyed the warm, spring sunshine!

Saturday, 27th – M&DTTA 10-mile on Twemlow – Chelford: Duncan Poole did a 27:36 and Kelvin Milward had the misfortune to break his chain (too strong!!) and was thus DNF.  West Pennine Hilly -14-miler on the Hurst Green Circuit: Alf Hilton put in another top performance for 5th place overall and 1st veteran in the over 40 category. In the NMCF “25” at Hatfield Woodhouse: Karl Austin managed 1:06:23.

Sunday, 28th – Cheshire Cat, 100-mile Sportive / Challenge Ride, with Start / Finish in Crewe, included Mow Cop Killer Mile and other steep climbs around Wincle before the long loop around Middlewich, Nantwich, Malpas and Audlem. Our Mark Tilstone and Wayne Jackson were among the 2700 entries and both completed the 100 mile “Long Route” in less than 7 hours.  The Chirk 200K (125 mile) AUDAX, from Poynton via Malpas to Chirk, then returning via Bunbury and Knutsford was successfully completed by Georgina and Bob Norton, Denise Hurst and Doug Taylor in 11 hours – an excellent performance by the two novices at this distance.

Press Report – April 11th, 2010

Congleton Cycling Club 

The Easter Weekend and the last weekend not only provided fine weather but also proved to be a busy and successful one for the Club’s Road Race, Duathlon, Time Trial, AUDAX and Touring riders. 

Friday, 2nd – Birkenhead North End Hilly 22.5-miler on the Broxton Circuit: Alf Hilton achieved another excellent performance in finishing in 3rd position overall and 2nd Over-40 with 49.36 and Karl Austin in 38th position with 58:56. 

Saturday, 3rd – North Lancs 10-miler on the flat Garstang course: Alf Hilton improved to 2nd place overall and 1st Over-40 with a very fast 21:03. In the Withington Wheelers 25-miler on the local Goostrey-based circuit, Karl Austin made a big improvement to 1.02.24 and Kelvin Milward also improved to 1.03.14. 

Sunday, 4th  – Crewe Clarion Hilly 18-miler on the Nantwich-Audlem-Woore Circuit: Alf Hilton went one better – to 1st place overall – and in doing so also beat the riders in the 2-up event. In the Mid-Shropshire 25-miler at Prees: Karl Austin, 1.04.42.

Rob Waghorn organised an Easter Sunday AUDAX on behalf of our Club that saw a group of 26 hardy individuals from various parts of the country leave early to partake in a 207km bike ride from Congleton to the Ironbridge Gorge, via Market Drayton and back via Prees Heath. In terms of precipitation, the weather for the most part was relatively benign; there was a couple of minor showers in the morning and a brief hailstorm just as they left the gorge. However, there seemed to be a continual head wind that added to the weariness of the legs. Denise Hurst and Stephen Kane were the club’s sole representatives. Rob and Avril Waghorn and Georgina Norton provided all with a very welcome spread of sandwiches, cakes and tea at the journeys end. 

Our Asia Correspondent and Racer, Sue Collins, finished in 8th position in the Pesta Penang road race on Penang Island. She competed without “team support”, against teams from Kedah and other Provinces with a total of 40 women, in this flat, 46 mile Race. 

Monday, 5th – Abbotsford Park 10-miler on the Chelford course: Rob Nelson (our newest, newest member – no relation to Peter Nelson but has become his “adopted son”) 24.09; Karl Austin, 24.47. 

Saturday, 10th – Macclesfield Wheelers 25-miler on the Goostrey-based circuit was changed to a 10-miler, due to road-works on the A50 at The Whipping Stocks: Rob Nelson – 23.35, Kelvin Milward – 24.37. Milward commented that he was probably the only rider who was not disappointed that the distance was reduced to 10 miles. Steve Feeney of Chester Road Club and Dave Crawley of Fibrax Wrexham RC tied for 1st place with 22.10. The event took place on a rare, warm and sunny, early summer/spring day. 

For Denise Hurst, the 207Km of the previous week was obviously not enough mileage, so she decided to participate in Heart of England, 300km AUDAX ride from Cirencester to Tamworth then the return loop via Lichfield and completed it in 16 hours. The weather was excellent, so the 6 a.m. start and the 10.30 p.m. finish only required lights for 2 hours which made the ride very enjoyable in spite of the distance and the hills at the beginning and towards the end. 

Sunday, 11th – Bill Boynton made a decision a couple of months ago to tackle Duathlons (Running and Cycling). The important Duathlons are held over the Olympic distance – 10k run + 40k bike + 5k run.  Boynton’s target, to perform well enough to qualify for the ITU World Duathlon Age-Group Championships which this year will take place in Edinburgh early in September, competed in his first Duathlon at Milton Keynes, the 3rd of 4 UK qualifying events for the Worlds.  He was pleased to finish in 1st place in his age group, in 2 hours 29 minutes [out of 9 competitors].  This result qualifies him to take part in the Worlds event, and after the 3 qualifying events, he is the 2nd fastest Briton in the age group.  Boynton says that he is proud to fly the flag for our Cycling Club and the Harriers, two clubs that have helped him a lot in recent years. The attached photo shows Bill Boynton receiving his medal from Olympic distance runner Liz Yelling.  

Also on the 11th, Georgina and Bob Norton, Stephen Kane, David Hurst and Roy Hayhurst rode the 60-mile club-run in almost summer conditions to Delamere Station, via Great Budworth and Acton Bridge and returning via Cotebrook and Church Minshull. There was even the first sighting of the year of some very white legs that required the rest of the group to don their sunglasses. 

Press Report – April 18th, 2010

Tuesday, 13th April 

Whilst four Members: Linda and Karl Austin, Margaret Allen and Graham Barker, were enjoying a Mallorcan Training Camp, eight other Members were working hard in the VTTA (Mcr & NW Group) 10-mile Time Trial which was held in cool and windy conditions on an emergency circuit around Siddington, Lower Withington and Hulme Walfield. Edgar Reynolds, assisted by wife, Lynn, was the Event Organiser and Georgina and Bob Norton, Denise Hurst and Mary Reid, plus Peter Nelson officiated and Peter Hayhurst “raced / struggled” to 31.16 versus Stuart Walker’s winning time of 22.45. 

In the evening, the same Members assisted in the Club’s first evening Time Trial of 2010 in a chilly wind – the Timbersbrook Hilly – which includes the tough climbs of Blacky Bank, Bridestones to Rushton, then Wood Treatment Works to Timbersbrook. Neil Skellern 29:45, Stephen Kane, 38:00, Steve Sladin, 39:01 scored 10, 9 and 8 points respectively. Guest riders were: Jamie Hyde, Macclesfield Wheelers, 31:23; Will Thomas (Juvenile!), Sport City Velo, 33:28 and Chris Meir, Staffs Moorlands, 34:04. 

Saturday, 17th April 

The April Social Ride was held in fine weather, via the local lanes to Hills Garden Centre Café at Allostock. Georgina and Bob Norton, Bob Banner and Doug Taylor plus a welcome guest, Vanessa Todd, made it very sociable. 

The Club was well represented in the M&DTTA 25-mile Time Trial on the local Chelford – Cranage – Twemlow Circuit. Alf Hilton claimed another fine 2nd place and 1st Over-40, with a 55.09; Neil Skellern was on form with 57.25; Kelvin Milward improved to 1.02.03 and Duncan Poole recorded 1.08.58. The winner was Mike Cuming of Team Raleigh (and Biddulph Moor), with a 54-minute ride. 

Denise Hurst rode another 200K AUDAX, a Cheshire circuit from Cheadle to Holt and back through Malpas and Beeston. This was a “Permanent” and ridden mainly solo but husband, David, accompanied her for some of the route. 

Sunday, 18th April 

Denise Hurst, Jim Cook, Peter and Roy Hayhurst, Doug Taylor and Rob Waghorn enjoyed the 60-mile Clubrun to Red House, Dunham Massey via Over Peover and the quiet and scenic bridleway to Ollerton, through Knutsford and Tatton Park, noting that the sheep with their lambs and the deer as well as the joggers and walkers were enjoying the continuing fine weather; then through Rostherne and Bucklow Hill, through more quiet lanes and bridleways to Dunham Park. The return ride was via Pickmere and Plumley. 

Stephen Kane, along with approximately 300 others, took part in the Three Shires Sportive on Sunday which was organised by and for the Macclesfield Rotary Club Charities. This was a ride of 100km, which managed to find many of the classic climbs in Staffs, Derbyshire and Cheshire. The climbs started with the steady but relatively gentle gradient of the Cat & Fiddle before a plunge into Buxton and back up to Derbyshire Bridge via Long Hill and Goyt Valley. The climbing continued: Gun Hill, Rudyard, Mow Cop, Biddulph Moor. By the time Bosley Minn arrived, the legs were weary and the heads were pounding. From the final push, there was a quick descent into Macclesfield via Sutton. Stephen finished the ride in 4hrs 25mins and is still trying to hydrate himself after forgetting his water bottle. 

The annual Fibrax Wrexham Mountain Time Trial involved ascents and descents of Horseshoe Pass, from the Ponderosa Café, in both directions and another excellent, weekend back-to-back performance by Alf Hilton who rode to 3rd place overall and 1st Over-40 in completing the 18 miles in 1.06.27.  1st and 2nd were “youngsters” Andrew Allan of New Brighton Asbesco and Dave Griffiths of Paramount RT.

Georgina and Bob Norton set off for Ludlow, their first overnight stop on a 3-day Tour of the Travelodges in Shropshire and Worcestershire. 

Future Fixtures 

Thursday 6th – “Discover the Congleton Cycle Network” – 6 miles – meet at the Rugby Club, at 19.00 (Organised by Congleton Cycling Campaign). 

John Dean and Beryl Swash are organising another Quiz Night on Thursday, 20th May at 8 p.m. All Members and Friends are invited (and the Bar will be open). 

Press Report – May 9th, 2010

20th April

Club 10-mile TT on the Holmes Chapel circuit, in very cool and windy conditions:

Kelvin Milward –  26:55, Stephen Jackson –  27:46, Duncan Poole – 28:40, Mark Tilstone – 28:48, Stephen Kane – 30:09, Chris Foster – 30:59, Denise Hurst – 31:29, Peter Hayhurst – 33:42. 

24th April

Tour of the Peak District Sportive, 100-mile, Ashbourne:

Steve Sladin completed the 100-mile event in 7hrs 13mins 15secs and commented that it was brutal with lots of climbing – as the name suggests. Highlights were: a 48mph descent down Chunal into Glossop then climbing up the Snake Pass into a headwind, then into the wind for the last 35-40 miles from Bamford and Bakewell. The weather and the views were fantastic!! 135 riders completed the 100-mile event; 35 the 75-miler and 75 the 50-miler.

Route: Darley Moor Circuit (Ashbourne) – Cheadle – Bottomhouse – Longnor – Buxton – Glossop – Bamford – Bakewell – Monyash – Darley Moor Circuit (Ashbourne). 

M&DLCA 10-mile TT, Ladies’ Invitation at Chelford:

Peter Hayhurst improved to 28:52 – due mainly to the excellent conditions and to fear of being beaten by all the Ladies. Ladies winner was Sarah Storey with a very fast 22:18 and the Men’s winner was Jack Green with 21:08 followed by Andrew Allan with 21:31. 

Leigh Premier 10-mile TT at Rainford:

Another fine performance by Alf Hilton with 21:58  for 3rd Overall and 1st Over-40; Jimmy Wright of Preston Wheelers took 1st place with 20:30; and Steve Ludden of St Helens CRC was 2nd with 21:46. 

24th + 25th April

Plains 310 K Audax from Poynton:

Denise Hurst and Bob Norton rode this event which started at 23:00 and completed the ride in 15 hours. The controls were at Whitchurch, Ford (Nr Shrewsbury), Newtown (Powys), Ford, and Radway Green. The weather was fine, except for 4 hours rain in the night and a wet last half hour. 

25th April

West Cheshire 30-mile TT at Prees:

Yet another fine performance by Alf Hilton with 1:07:23 for 3rd place overall and 2nd Over-40.  Rob Weare of Leamington C & A C took 1st place and 1st Over-40 with 01:06:22 and David Crawley Fibrax Wrexham RC was 2nd with 01:07:18. 

Rutland-Melton Cicle International, 108-mile RR at Rutland Water:

This annual, Elite Road Race is based on the roads and tracks around Rutland Water. Mike Harrison was placed 73rd out of 200 starters, at the end of 108 miles of torture!

The winner was Danish rider, Michael Berling with an average speed of 26mph – not bad – considering that the course included 20 miles of farm tracks! 

27th April

Club 10-mile TT on Gawsworth Circuit:

Warm, dry weather with a light, SW breeze allowed improved performances for most riders. Members times, in descending order were: Karl Austin – 23:05,  Stephen Jackson – 25:25, Stephen Kane – 25:44, Mark Tilstone – 25:50, Kelvin Milward – 26:06, Wayne Powell – 26:09, Steve Sladin – 26:48, Chris Foster (our new member)  – 27:58, Peter Hayhurst – 29:34. 

1st May –

Glossop Kinder Velo 25-mile TT on Chelford Circuit:

Five Members improved their 2010 times by substantial margins – partly due to the excellent conditions. Alf Hilton put in another splendid performance with 54:20, for 2nd place overall and 1st Over-40; Rob Nelson – 57:32; Kelvin Milward – 59:35; Karl Austin – 1:00:52 and Duncan Poole – 1:7:13. The winner was Stephen Leigh of Team B Global, with 54:07. 

Georgina and Bob Norton rode the Eccleshall 200 Audax from Dean Row (Nr Wilmslow). They did it as a “Permanent”, the controls being, Helsby, Beeston, Eccleshall and Haslington. They completed it in 10.5 hours in good weather. 

2nd May

Cambridge Duathlon:

Bill Boynton competed in the Cambridge Duathlon, the final UK qualifier for the 2010 ITU World Duathlon Championships and again won his age group by a margin of nearly 10 minutes in an improved time of 2:25:05.  This event was the standard Olympic distance but split 7.5km run / 40 km bike / 7.5km run instead of the usual 10/40/5. Conditions were wet and windy with a 20 mph headwind on the long eastbound leg of the 2-lap cycling phase.  Boynton had previously qualified for the “World’s” so was still in heavy training mode, starting a little heavy-legged and paid the price in the following phases but still gained a large winning margin.  With Congleton Cycling Club’s Time Trial season now underway, he has plenty of opportunities to work on his cycling speed!

Clubrun to Dagfields Craft Centre, Hunsterton:
Only David Hurst and Rob Waghorn braved the chilly northerly wind on this 55-mile tour of the Cheshire lanes. 

4th May

Club 10-mile TT on Gawsworth Circuit:

Decidedly cool but dry weather, with a NW breeze, slowed most riders. Members’ times, in descending order were: Karl Austin – 23:48; Kelvin Milward – 23:54; Stephen Jackson – 25:59; Mark Tilstone – 26:09; Steve Sladin – 26:29; Wayne Powell – 27:02; Duncan Poole – 27:51; Andrew Thomas (our newest member) – 29:02; Peter Hayhurst – 30:19. 

8th May

South Pennine 25-mile TT at Etwall:
Kelvin Milward posted a worthy 58:13 in cool/wet/windy conditions.

Dukinfield C.C. 50-mile TT on Chelford Circuit:

In spite of the cool conditions and being slowed by the road-works on each of the three circuits, our members’ results were Neil Skellern – 1:58; Rob Nelson – 2:02; Karl Austin – 2:07. 

9th May

Clubrun to Shire Horse Café, Cotebrook:

Stephen Kane, Bob Norton, Doug Taylor and Rob Waghorn set off in bright sunshine but this gradually faded around Davenham and Eaton. They returned via Church Minshull and Middlewich to complete this 60-mile outing. 

Press Report – May 22nd, 2010

Congleton Cycling Club 

7th / 8th May – Mark Beaumont Evening at Telford:

David Hurst and Roy Hayhurst rode a MTB route from Audlem to Telford, along the Shropshire Union Canal towpath to see and hear Mark Beaumont’s account of his Round-The-World bike ride – which proved very interesting. They stayed at Coalport Youth Hostel and returned the following day. 

11th May – Club 10-mile TT on Chelford Circuit:

Decidedly cool but dry weather, with a NW breeze, slowed most riders. Members’ times, in descending order were: Karl Austin – 24:23; Wayne Powell – 26:06; Steve Sladin – 26:20; Wayne Powell – 26:06; Stephen Kane – 26:25; Duncan Poole – 26:41; Mark Tilstone – 27:36; Andrew Thomas – 28:40; Peter Hayhurst – 31:00. 

15th May

Social Ride to Minshull’s Garden Centre, Crewe:

Georgina and Bob Norton, Bob Banner, Peter Nelson, Doug Taylor and guest, Katie Mulroy explored some unfamiliar but pleasant lanes around Warmingham and Haslington in this leisurely 30-miler.

ABC Centreville 10-mile TT on Chelford Circuit:

Another fine performance by Alf Hilton – 22:00 and only 3 seconds away from 3rd place. The winner was David Crawley of Wrexham with 20:54.

Stone Wheelers 25-mile TT at Blythe Bridge:

The final 6 miles, uphill, into the westerly wind did not hamper the stronger riders too much. Neil Skellern – 55:01; Rob Nelson – 58:04; Peter Hayhurst 1:12:30. The winner was Richard Handley with 51:54

Tour of the Berwyns 200K AUDAX:

Denise Hurst completed the ride from Willington, via Corwen, Milltr Cerrig over the Berwyns to Chirk and back to Tarvin, in 11 hours and enjoyed the fine weather and wonderful views over the Welsh mountains. 

16th May

Clubrun to Priest’s House, Audlem:
Denise Hurst, Doug Taylor and guest, Francois, enjoyed their leisurely “recovery” ride via quiet lanes to this cosy café.

Lancaster C.C. 50-mile TT at Bassenthwaite:
Karl Austin – 2:08:45 in windy conditions, especially on the way to Cockermouth and Whitehaven.

DougieMac 110-mile Charity Sportive:

Wayne Jackson, Steve Sladin and Mark Tilstone completed this ride from Stoke to Llangollen and back, in aid of Douglas McMillan Hospice, in under 7 hours, in fine weather.

Wayne Jackson rode this on little sleep, due to the recent arrival of a son – Congratulations to the Family!

Steve Sladin was riding this mainly as training for his 9-day LEJOG ride which commences on the 11th June, raising money for Christie’s Hospital, Manchester. Donations via and his group name – – would be most welcome.

Mark Tilstone was riding this mainly for his training for his 11th (!!!) consecutive Étape du Tour stage during the Tour de France in July which is also his sponsored charity ride, so any donations would be greatly appreciated to: – raising funds for Get KidsGoing which helps disabled kids achieve their dreams by providing equipment so that they can participate in sporting events.

Macclesfield Bikeathon 52-mile Hilly Charity Sportive:

David Hurst rode the 52-miler in aid of East Cheshire Hospice, from Macclesfield, over Langley, Wincle, Biddulph Moor and then down to the Cheshire Plains past Jodrell Bank and discovered that it was very windy in the hills. 

18th May – Club 10-mile TT on Gawsworth Circuit:

We were blessed with excellent conditions, so most riders improved on their previous times. The Members’ times in descending order: Karl Austin – 23:17; Stephen Kane – 25:01; Duncan Poole – 25:46; Mark Tilstone – 25:53; Wayne Powell – 25:57; Steve Sladin – 26:23; Denise Hurst – 27:13Dave Butterworth – 28:02Andrew Thomas – 28:31Peter Hayhurst – 28:39Chris Foster – 28:45 and  a worthy performance by Peter Nelson – 34:19, on his “come-back training ride” after shoulder surgery. 

20th May – Quiz Night
John Dean and Georgina Norton organised another noisy / enjoyable Quiz Night. Twenty five Members and Friends had a great evening. John Dean, supported by wife, Pam, provided the questions, Georgina Norton provided the food and the Rugby Club provided the Bar. 

22nd May – Warrington R.C. 50-mile TT on Chelford Circuit:

The sudden arrival of baking hot weather plus the calm conditions were enjoyed by our support group of Joyce Austin, Denise Hurst and Peter Nelson but caused some riders to stop their ride prematurely. Our two top riders still performed well, with Alf Hilton – 1:53:10 for 2nd place and Neil Skellern – 1:56:00 for 5th place.  Karl Austin and Peter Hayhurst were somewhat disappointed with their 2:14:10 and 2:35:07 respectively, although the latter did claim 1st place in the Over-70 Category. Our top 3 riders were placed 2nd Team, only 8 seconds behind Warrington Road Club. The overall winner was Carl Ruebotham with 1:52:45. 

23rd May – Clubrun to Longnor:

Seven Members: Denise and David Hurst, Mary Renshaw, Stephen Kane, Roy Hayhurst, Doug Taylor and Rob Waghorn, plus Guest, Francois, tackle the climbs around Sutton, Allreave, Gradbach and Flash to the welcome lunch-stop at Longnor where they were able to sit in the sun and stock-up on calories before tackling the Apedale climb from Glutton Bridge to High Edge then over the Cat & Fiddle, down to Wilboarclough, Macc Forest and the tea-stop at Trentabank before the home leg from Fools Nook and along the canal towpath. All-in-all a perfect summer’s day in the hills! 

Press Report – June 6th, 2010

Congleton Cycling Club 

25th May – Club 10-mile TT on Holmes Chapel Circuit:

Mild but dry weather, with a E breeze which made the finishing stretch rather hard. Members’ times, in descending order were: Neil Skellern – 23:09; Karl Austin – 25:08; Kelvin Milward – 25:27; Mark Tilstone – 26:53; Steve Sladin – 26:58; Bill Boynton – 27:27; Denise Hurst – 28:24; Dave Butterworth – 29:17; Andrew Thomas – 29:48; Peter Hayhurst – 30:58 and Peter Nelson – 36:06. 

29th May – VTTA 50-mile TT on Uttoxeter Course:

This event was well supported by our Club, with three members riding (plus one delayed in traffic) and six members helping / officiating. Barry Charlton of Lyme Racing won on Actual and on Standard Times with a new course record time of 1:41:43 (2 min 7 sec improvement over Charles McCulloch’s time of 2009). Neil Skellern claimed 2nd-place with a fast 1:47:34; Karl Austin recorded an improved Standard Time with 1:58:18 for 14th place and Rob Nelson managed 1:59:19  for 16th place.  These performances were rewarded with 1st Team Prize. The early-starters had to contend with wet surfaces and light rain for the first 20 miles but the later starters had no rain and then dry roads for the last 20 miles and a mild 15ºC. The gentle SE breeze gave welcome assistance on the 20-mile return leg.

31st May – Anfield 100-mile TT on Prees Course:

Our top riders recovered well from their Saturday exertions to record excellent times in this first 100-miler of the season, with its cool, 6 a.m. start. Neil Skellern placed 5th with 4:04:16 and Karl Austin, 20th with 4:20:53. 

1st June – Club 25-mile TT on Chelford – Cranage Circuit:

Riders enjoyed excellent conditions. The Members’ times in descending order: Karl Austin – 1:00:49 (must have recovered well from his “100” of the previous day); Kelvin Milward – 1:01:35; Mark Tilstone – 1:07:09; Duncan Poole – 1:07:28; Bill Boynton – 1:08:09; Peter Hayhurst – 1:15:15 and another worthy performance by Peter Nelson – 1:21:57.

The overall standings in the Bob Job Memorial Trophy Points Competition – at the half-way stage: Karl Austin leads, with 79 points, Stephen Kane is in 2nd place with 59 points, Kelvin Milward is in 3rd place with 53 points, closely followed by Neil Skellern with 50 points. 

5th June – Manchester Wheelers 50-mile TT on Chelford – Cranage Circuit:

A great win for Alf Hilton, with a Cheshire personal best time of 1:51:30, followed by Neil Skellern in 3rd place with 1:53:45 and Karl Austin in 14th place with 2:03:26. These fine performances secured the Prize for 1st Team ahead of the team from the promoting club. Peter Hayhurst was disappointed with his 2:37:21. 

6th June – Polka Dot 106-mile Challenge Ride:

Stephen Jackson was our sole representative on this toughest of rides from Woodford, which includes 15 climbs – shortish and steep to long and draggy – via Pott Shrigley, Rainow, Cat & Fiddle, Longnor, Crowdecote, Waterhouses, Dovedale, Tissington, Grangemill, Youlgreave, Monyash, Earl Sterndale, High Edge and Bollington. Steady rain greeted the riders at the start and continued until Longnor where conditions improved and the sun broke through the clouds. Jackson completed the ride in 7.5 hours. 

Press Report – November 21st, 2010

In spite of all the wet or windy or cold weather this autumn, we have been very lucky on our Club rides in that the conditions have been good-to-perfect for this time of the year.

7th November

Club-Run to Roaches Tea Room, Upper Hulme: Linda & Karl Austin, Denise & David Hurst, Georgina & Bob Norton, Peter Hayhurst, Stephen Kane, Kelvin Milward and Peter Nelson headed for the Roaches via Gawsworth, Sutton, Allgreave and Gradbach – although three riders headed for home before / for lunch. The autumn scenery was at its very best in the bright sunshine and the long-distance views were spectacular (see photo). After the well-earned lunch, the return ride included more steep climbs from Meerbrook to Rudyard and then from Horton to Lask Edge.

14th November

Club-Run to Shire Horse Café at Cotebrook: only David Hurst and Doug Taylor did the complete ride as Denise Hurst, Peter Hayhurst and Peter Nelson attended the VTTA AGM in Goostrey so only managed a short ride afterwards.

20th November

Social Ride to Plantation Garden Centre, Plumley: Georgina Norton led this monthly ride, accompanied by daughter, Kate; guests Adele Clint and Bev Hambleton, Peter Hayhurst and Doug Taylor. The chilly but bright ride via Brereton, Middlewich, Byley, Lower Peover to Plumley caused them to appreciate the hot coffee and cakes, as well as the rest and natter before the shorter return ride via Goostrey and Radnor Bank in slightly gloomier conditions.

Revolution Meeting at Manchester Velodrome: 6 members enjoyed the 2nd Meeting of the season with an evening of packed events and exciting racing between the established stars and the boys and girls “Future Stars”. The opportunity was not missed to meet up with friends from other clubs. We are looking forward to the next Meeting on 11th December.

21st November

Club-Run to Galley Café, Church Minshull: Denise & David Hurst, Georgina & Bob Norton, Peter Nelson and Doug Taylor rode via Goostrey, Lach Denis, Davenham, Whitegate and Oulton Park for a welcome lunch at this very pleasant venue; followed by a shorter ride home via Warmingham, Cledford, Brereton Heath and Astbury.