Who’s Who


Vice Presidents: Mr B Fox, Mr R Little,

Mrs G McCargo, Mr R Norton, Mrs G Norton, Mr R Waghorn


Chair: Denise Hurst

Membership enquiries: Sue Tilstone

Affiliation enquiries: Denise Hurst

Vice Chair: Mick Hutchins

Secretary: Shared by Sam Alston and Lynsey Astles

Membership Secretary: Sue Tilstone

Treasurer: Dean Roberts

Welfare Officer: Dean Roberts

Auditor: Position Vacant

Social Secretary: Steve Collier

Webmaster: Colin Bennett

Media Secretary: Lynsey Astles

Club Runs Secretary: Nick Bailey

Racing Secretary: Ben Norbury

Assistant Racing Secretary: Bob Norton

Mountain Bike Rep: Position Vacant

Under 18 Rep: Vacant

Clothing Rep: Ant Bolding

BC Delegate: Sue Tilstone

CTT Delegate: Alastair Ribbands

Club Member Representatives: Sam Alston and Stuart Bailey

Anti-Doping & Ethics Officer: Bob Norton

Updated 04/03/2024.