An audax is a long distance cycling event. It is not a timed race, rather it is an event with a specified route to be completed within time limits determined by the minimum and maximum allowed overall average speed, such as 15kph to 30kph. Distances vary hugely from about 50km to over 3,000km. Achievement is all about accumulating distance and the very long events require proof that the entrant has completed a qualifying series of lesser events.

Entry costs are modest (e.g. £5) and there are no signs or feeding stations (cafes en route and the HQ at the finish can provide food). The rider (Randonneur) is on his own for finding his way from the provided information (route sheet or sometimes gpx files as an option), but is required to visit controls to collect evidence that the route was completed. You may follow other riders, but beware following ones which are nothing to do with your event!

Audax UK is the internationally recognised long distance cycling association in the UK. Individuals can join Audax UK, but for occasional riders, temporary membership can be bought with the entry. Many events can be entered (2 weeks before the event) on-line via the Audax UK site, which also provides paper entry form facilities. Once accepted, the rider is provided with a brevet card – the basis for collecting proof of route completion, the HQ location, the route and other details such as a phone number for the organiser (helpful if you are unable to complete the event so that no one mounts a search party).

There are events on specific dates and “permanents” which can be completed on a day you specify to suit your own diary (evidence for these may be dated receipts from shops or sometimes a gps track).

Congleton Cycling Club members organise several Audax events each year from our base at the Congleton Rugby Club. These must be pre entered entered via the links Audax UK site. Click on the event name below.

They provide an ideal introduction to the Audax experience:

  1. Steve Dawson has a choice of two routes: Ironbridge 207K and Hawkstone 133K on These will take place on April 10th 2016.
  2. Steve Dawson also offers three routes: Hills & Plains of Cheshire 200K,  Just The Hills 110K and Just The Plains 110K  2018 date July 1st
  3. Denise Hurst offers two routes: Horseshoe Pass 210K and Aquaduct 170K . These will take place on October 14th 2018.