Privacy Policy

Reviewed 9th April 2018

What data we collect about you


The club collects personal information about you on its membership application form and event sign on sheets and parental consent forms. Member’s names, addresses, home and mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and sometimes, emergency contact details are collected. This is your information that is needed by the club to ensure we can operate as a local sports club. When you partake in any club activities, this information means that we can cater for you and your needs as a cyclist. We do not collect or store anything that does not contribute to the running of the club and everything we do collect is deemed to be necessary.

Any information collected on behalf of a governing body or affiliated organisation may be treated in accordance with that organisations privacy policy.

As a small organisation we are not required and do not have a Data Protection Officer. All club members should share in our goal to protect the personal information of club members and our guests.


How your data is stored

Paper Records

Any details we hold on paper will be securely stored and handled with discretion. Paper records consist of membership application forms, event sign on sheets and parental consent forms.


Electronic Records


Membership details held electronically will be handled and stored according to best available standards. Some race results are calculated using a software application.


How we process your data

The club is not involved in personal data processing. We may transfer your details from a paper system to an electronic system. Race results may be added to an electronic system for calculation.

Some records are created on documents supplied to the club by race organisers and governing bodies. Records that are not returned to those organisations, which are retained by the club, will be treated in accordance with the clubs own policies on paper records.

Statistics are collated from membership records in order for us to review the progress of the club. We may be interested to see if there is a significant change in club membership and if so, is there some area of club activity that needs attention.



How long we keep your data.


There is no specific retention policy at this time. In general, paper records are securely shredded once they are no longer needed. Electronic records are only retained if items are relevant to perform historic analysis of club activities or required by a governing body.

Details collected due to interaction with an affiliated organisation or governing bodies, such as British Cycling, will be treated in accordance with their data protection guidelines.



How your data is transferred

Within the club it is sometimes necessary to transfer information to an event coordinator. The club will endeavour to use best available practices when transferring data.

The club has associations with affiliated organisations. Only information necessary for the functioning of the club will be transferred to these affiliated organisations. Your data will not be sold or passed on to any promotional scheme.

The club maintains a mailing list. The mailing list is used to inform members of club activities. Occasionally we may also send out details of related events we think you may find interesting.

If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, you can do so by contacting any committee member.

If you decide to cancel or fail to renew your membership within a grace period, your details will be removed from the mailing list.

Inclusion on the mailing list will become optional when members renew.

Social media

The club also promotes its events using social media. Results and photos from club events are sometimes included in these public posts. The club will endeavour to exclude personal data from these posts.

Social media “tagging” is the process of adding the name of a 3rd party to a media post. Previous social media posts have used “tagging”. This will be discontinued.



Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by your browser. They are designed to ease the use of a website by allowing your computer to “remember” how you interact with a website.

Congleton cycling club uses a software application to maintain and update it’s website. Although we do not make use of cookies, the software itself or the hosting company may use cookies.

You should be aware of the privacy settings in your particular browser.


Access to your data and requesting a correction.

You have a right to know what information we hold on you. Your details may be obtained by contacting the club via any committee member. A request is officially known as a “Data Subject Access Request”. Please bear in mind that we are a small voluntary club and such requests may be time consuming.

Legislation allows for repeat requests to be charged for, and for excessive requests to be denied.

If the information we hold on you is inaccurate, then please contact any committee member and request a correction.


Privacy policy updates.

Occasionally this document will be reviewed and/or updated.

Please refer to the club website for the latest review.

Please also review the privacy policies of our affiliated organisations such as British Cycling, CTT etc.