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Club Trophy Winners 2023

Club TT Program 2023


1st Jan 2023New Years Day Walk. Harrington Arms public house, 10am; walk starts 10:30. 7 miles around Bosley reservoir and a circular walk back round to the Harrington Arms.
9th Jan 2023Committee meeting Rugby Club 19:30.
16th Jan 2023Club Night. Rugby Club 7pm for 7:30. CPR talk by Joe Molyneaux
4th Feb 2023Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony. 6pm Astbury Golf Club.
6th Feb 2023Club Night. Rugby Club 7:30. LEJOG Talk by Dave Farrington
11th Feb 2023Reliability Rides start. 26 & 49 Miles.
20th Feb 2023Club Night. Rugby Club 7:30. Racing Discussion Night by Mick Hutchins. Was previously 13th February.
25th Feb 202365 Mile Reliability.
6th Mar 2023Pub Quiz Night. The Church House, Buxton Rd, Congleton
CW12 2DY. From 7:30; Quiz commences at 8pm
3rd April 2023Committee Meeting. Rugby Club 7:30.
6th-10th April 2023Congleton CC Easter Tour of The North
York Moors at Pickering
11th April 2023First Tuesday time trial. See full timetable.
Open 50 Time Trial.
15th May 2023Club Night. Rugby Club 7:30. “Congleton To The Med” Talk by Sam Alston
20th May 2023Congleton CC 125 Years Birthday Celebration Weekend Away In Ironbridge. Rugby Club 9:30
5th Jun 2023Club Night. Swettenham Arms 8:00.
19th Jun 2023Committee meeting. Rugby Club 7:30.
3rd July 2023Club Night. Blue Bell Inn, Smallwood 7:30.
29th July 2023Club 50 mile TT. Cranage Village Hall 07:30
7th Aug 2023Club Night. Blue Bell Smallwood 7:30.
15th Aug 2023Final Tuesday time trial
20th Aug 2023Charity Cycle Ride 2pm.
4th Sep 2023Club Night. Lion and Swan 7:30.
11th Sep 2023Committee meeting. Rugby Club 7:30.
2nd Oct 2023Club Night. Blue Bell at Smallwood 7:30.
22nd Oct 202310:00 Ganney Bank Hilly Time Trial
30th Oct 2023AGM. Rugby Club 19:00
6th Nov 2023Club Night. Pure Balance Pilates, Rugby Club 7 for 7:30.
27th Nov 2023Committee meeting. Rugby Club 7:30.
4th Dec 2023Club Night – Christmas Festive Mince Pies & General Chat. 7:30 Lion & Swan Pub

Historical Rides

1/1/23Steve CollierNYD Walk
7/1/23Howard Davies07521498999 Woodside Golf Club
8/1/23Stephen Kane07922507849Dunham Massey
14/1/23Rob Wardle07799343348Nantwich FC Tea Lounge
15/1/23Steve CollierCotebrook
21/1/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Cancelled Ice/Snow
22/1/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Cancelled Ice
28/1/23Ant Bolding07734509739Sandy Lane Cafe
29/1/23John EagleStation Café Delamere
4/2/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Cranford Café Knutsford
5/2/23Stephen Kane07922507849JC’s Cafe Northwich
11/2/2349 Mile Reliability Ride Route here. Rugby Club 9:30 for 10:00 start
12/2/23Colin Bennett07969839885Dagfields
18/2/23Howard Davies07521498999Woodside Golf Club Cranage
25/2/23Rob Wardle07799343348Betley Tea Room
25/2/2365 Mile ReliabilityDetails here9:30 Rugby Club for 10:00 start.
26/2/23Colin Bennett07969839885Park Cafe Wrenbury
4/3/23Howard Davies07521498999Alsager Courtyard
5/3/23Denise Hurst07712892575Old Priest House Audlem
11/3/23Bob Norton07854839254Cancelled due to weather
12/3/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Grasslands Lower Peover
18/3/23Rob Wardle07799343348Cranford Cafe Knutsford
19/3/23Nick Bailey07710429364Old Ma’s Gatesheath
25/3/23Ant Bolding07734509739Higher Farm Byley
26/3/23Denise Hurst07712892575Tatton Park Cafe
1/4/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Riverside Organic Davenham
2/4/23Denise Hurst 07712892575Venetian Marina
8/4/23Bob and Georgina Norton07854839254Venetian Marina
9/4/23Colin Bennett07969839885Beeston Lockgate Cafe
15/4/23Ant Bolding07734509739Tatton Park
16/4/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Hetty’s Oakamoor
22/4/23Rob Wardle07799343348Plumleys Knutsford
23/4/23Denise Hurst 07712892575
29/4/23Mark Hopwood07580805714Garden Centre Sutton
30/4/23Stephen Kane07922507849Dones Green Lets Eat
7/5/23Denise Hurst07712892575Station Café Delamere
13/5/23Howard Davies07521498999 Waugh Brow Farm Mobberley
14/5/23Phil HoldcroftTilston Lost Barn Café
20/5/23Stephen Kane07922507849Ironbridge Day 1
21/5/23Stephen Kane07922507849Ironbridge Day 2
27/5/23Denise Hurst07712892575Minshulls Garden Centre
28/5/23John EagleStation Café Delamere
3/6/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Snowdrop Cafe
4/6/23Denise Hurst07712892575Overwater Marina
10/6/23Mark Hopwood07580805714High Legh Garden Centre
11/6/23Denise Hurst07712892575Blaze Farm
17/6/23Howard Davies07521498999 The Old Barn Marton
18/6/23Denise Hurst07712892575Grasslands Snowdrop Café
24/6/23Rob Wardle07799343348Shire Horse Centre Cotebrook
25/6/23John EagleWalk Mill, Chester
1/7/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Goostrey Home and Leisure
2/7/23Rowland Bainbridge07745 340135Fordhall Farm, Market Drayton
8/7/23Howard Davies 07521498999Ice Cream Farm, Great Budworth
9/7/23Nick Bailey07710429364Manchester Airport Cafe
15/7/23Rob Wardle07799343348Clarence Mill Waterside Café in Bollington
16/7/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Tickled Trout at Loynton
22/7/23Rob Wardle07799343348Cancelled due to rain
23/7/23Lesley NorburyCancelled due to rain
29/7/23No social ride50 Mile TT
30/7/23Denise Hurst07712892575Llangollen 125. 7:30 start
5/8/23Ant Bolding 07734509739Cancelled due to rain
6/8/23Colin Bennett07969839885Beeston Lockgate Cafe
12/8/23Howard Davies07521498999Great Budworth Ice Cream Farm
13/8/23Lesley NorburyHigh Legh
19/8/23Rob Wardle07799343348Westport Lake
20/8/23Club Charity Ride.
26/8/23Ant Bolding 07734509739Venetian Marina Nantwich
27/8/23Stephen Kane07922507849Brookside Garden Centre Poynton
2/9/23Rob Wardle07799343348Westport Lake. 9:30 start.
3/9/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Tilston (also Mobberley)
9/9/23Howard Davies 07521498999Higher Farm Byley
10/9/23Nick Bailey07710429364Knutsford Penny Farthing race
16/9/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Snowdrop Café Grasslands
17/9/23John Eagle07813147767
23/9/23Mark Hopwood07580805714
24/9/23Steve CollierPrees Heath
30/9/23Rob Wardle07799343348Tour de Hanley
1/10/23Lesley NorburyHigh Legh converted to Snowdrop
7/10/23Rob Wardle07799343348Clay Coffee House Poynton
8/10/23Stephen Kane07922507849Green Kitchen Northwich
14/10/23Howard Davies07521498999Morley Tea Room Wilmslow
15/10/23Colin Bennett07969839885Kingfisher Poynton
21/10/23Ant Bolding07734509739Sutton and Co, Sutton
22/10/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Hetty’s Tea Shop Froghall
28/10/23Mark Hopwood07580805714Oakwood Marina
29/10/23John Eagle07813147767Railway Café Delamere
4/11/23Rob Wardle07799343348Goostrey Home and Leisure (TBD)
5/11/23Rachael Watson07704172352Park Cafe Wrenbury
11/11/23Howard Davies07521498999Beaches Golf Club Ollerton
12/11/23Stephen Kane07922507849Cholmondeley Castle Gardens, Malpas
18/11/23Ant Bolding07734509739
18 and 19/11/23Steve Collier2 day trip to Llangollen
25/11/23Denise Hurst07712892575Minshulls Garden Centre
26/11/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Longmans Farm Newhall Nantwich
2/12/23Brian Campbell07798602605Cancelled – Ice
3/12/23Colin Bennett07969839885Cancelled – Ice and Snow
9/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go
10/12/23Nick Bailey07710429364Gate Farm Cafe via Venetian Marina
16/12/23Rob Wardle07799343348Woodside Golf Club Christmas Meal
17/12/23John Eagle07813147767Bear Cafe Stone
23/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go
24/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go
30/12/23Mark Hopwood07580805714
31/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go