Club runs take place every Saturday and Sunday. The upcoming programme can be found at the Club Run List. New riders always welcome to come and take part after reading the information below. For your own safety as well as that of others you should be familiar with the information found in the Etiquette guide. We have a collection of tried and tested routes in the route archive and a map showing many cafe’s in the local area in the cafe finder.

You may also want to look at some of the youtube videos by GCN (Global Cycling Network) especially one entitled “How To Ride In A Group Of Cyclists“.

If you need any help or further information you can contact the ride co-ordinator via

Saturdays   Start 10:00 from the Unicorn Public House, West Heath, CW12 4NB. On the first and third Saturday of each month the ride is 30-40 miles; on the second and fourth 40-50. On months with 5 Saturdays the leader will choose the distance. Both distances are ridden at a leisurely pace, with a cafe stop.

Sundays. Start 09:30 from Congleton Rugby Club, Park Street, CW12 1EG. Rides are 50 – 70 miles at 13 – 17 mph. There is always a cafe stop.

Note. A basic rule of club runs is, that they will be at the pace of the slowest rider. No one is left behind.

We ride throughout the year, with possibly exceptions during the Christmas and new year period. In the event of weather which renders cycling either dangerous or very uncomfortable then a ride may be cancelled at short notice. Usually members will be informed via email or via the club’s facebook page but the ride leader’s phone number is usually given.

How the rides are organised. The ride secretary will find ride leaders and create a schedule usually 4 times a year. The schedule is published in the run list and may be up to 3 months ahead. Here you can see the leader, contact details and destination if it has been decided. Details of recent past events can also be seen there to prevent too many similar rides in quick succession. A few days prior to the ride the leader publishes final details via email to Often the leader will include an electronic route but they are not obliged to. At this point the run list may be updated to include the destination and route, if available, and the ride published on our facebook site; this cannot be guaranteed to happen because people may be on holiday.

Cancelling rides. We try not to cancel rides but will do so in the case of either dangerous or particularly unpleasant weather or because of  unforeseen circumstances. The ride leader will do this on the email at least an hour before the scheduled start time.

New Riders (i.e. guests) New riders are always welcome. Riding on a club run is a good introduction to the club. After you have been out with us once or twice  you will be encouraged to join the club. After two rides you will be expected to join before riding with us again. Our third party insurance will cover you for these introductory rides.

Come and “try us out”.