Club Run List

For information concerning distances, start times and places, and for new riders please refer to Club-Runs.

Destinations are often added at the last minute. Some recent destinations are retained so ride leaders can see where we have been over the previous few months.

Where a route is available the destination is shown as a link into the club’s route directory.

Where a trip report is available the date is shown as a link into the Club’s public Facebook page.

2/12/23Brian Campbell07798602605
3/12/23Colin Bennett07969839885Beeston Lockgate Café
9/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go
10/12/23Nick Bailey07710429364
16/12/23Rob Wardle07799343348Woodside Golf Club Christmas Meal
23/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go
24/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go
30/12/23Mark Hopwood07580805714
31/12/23Ad HocTurn up and decide where to go
1/1/23Steve CollierNYD Walk
7/1/23Howard Davies07521498999 Woodside Golf Club
8/1/23Stephen Kane07922507849Dunham Massey
14/1/23Rob Wardle07799343348Nantwich FC Tea Lounge
15/1/23Steve CollierCotebrook
21/1/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Cancelled Ice/Snow
22/1/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Cancelled Ice
28/1/23Ant Bolding07734509739Sandy Lane Cafe
29/1/23John EagleStation Café Delamere
4/2/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Cranford Café Knutsford
5/2/23Stephen Kane07922507849JC’s Cafe Northwich
11/2/2349 Mile Reliability Ride Route here. Rugby Club 9:30 for 10:00 start
12/2/23Colin Bennett07969839885Dagfields
18/2/23Howard Davies07521498999Woodside Golf Club Cranage
25/2/23Rob Wardle07799343348Betley Tea Room
25/2/2365 Mile ReliabilityDetails here9:30 Rugby Club for 10:00 start.
26/2/23Colin Bennett07969839885Park Cafe Wrenbury
4/3/23Howard Davies07521498999Alsager Courtyard
5/3/23Denise Hurst07712892575Old Priest House Audlem
11/3/23Bob Norton07854839254Cancelled due to weather
12/3/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Grasslands Lower Peover
18/3/23Rob Wardle07799343348Cranford Cafe Knutsford
19/3/23Nick Bailey07710429364Old Ma’s Gatesheath
25/3/23Ant Bolding07734509739Higher Farm Byley
26/3/23Denise Hurst07712892575Tatton Park Cafe
1/4/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Riverside Organic Davenham
2/4/23Denise Hurst 07712892575Venetian Marina
8/4/23Bob and Georgina Norton07854839254Venetian Marina
9/4/23Colin Bennett07969839885Beeston Lockgate Cafe
15/4/23Ant Bolding07734509739Tatton Park
16/4/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Hetty’s Oakamoor
22/4/23Rob Wardle07799343348Plumleys Knutsford
23/4/23Denise Hurst 07712892575
29/4/23Mark Hopwood07580805714Garden Centre Sutton
30/4/23Stephen Kane07922507849Dones Green Lets Eat
7/5/23Denise Hurst07712892575Station Café Delamere
13/5/23Howard Davies07521498999 Waugh Brow Farm Mobberley
14/5/23Phil HoldcroftTilston Lost Barn Café
20/5/23Stephen Kane07922507849Ironbridge Day 1
21/5/23Stephen Kane07922507849Ironbridge Day 2
27/5/23Denise Hurst07712892575Minshulls Garden Centre
28/5/23John EagleStation Café Delamere
3/6/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Snowdrop Cafe
4/6/23Denise Hurst07712892575Overwater Marina
10/6/23Mark Hopwood07580805714High Legh Garden Centre
11/6/23Denise Hurst07712892575Blaze Farm
17/6/23Howard Davies07521498999 The Old Barn Marton
18/6/23Denise Hurst07712892575Grasslands Snowdrop Café
24/6/23Rob Wardle07799343348Shire Horse Centre Cotebrook
25/6/23John EagleWalk Mill, Chester
1/7/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Goostrey Home and Leisure
2/7/23Rowland Bainbridge07745 340135Fordhall Farm, Market Drayton
8/7/23Howard Davies 07521498999Ice Cream Farm, Great Budworth
9/7/23Nick Bailey07710429364Manchester Airport Cafe
15/7/23Rob Wardle07799343348Clarence Mill Waterside Café in Bollington
16/7/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Tickled Trout at Loynton
22/7/23Rob Wardle07799343348Cancelled due to rain
23/7/23Lesley NorburyCancelled due to rain
29/7/23No social ride50 Mile TT
30/7/23Denise Hurst07712892575Llangollen 125. 7:30 start
5/8/23Ant Bolding 07734509739Cancelled due to rain
6/8/23Colin Bennett07969839885Beeston Lockgate Cafe
12/8/23Howard Davies07521498999Great Budworth Ice Cream Farm
13/8/23Lesley NorburyHigh Legh
19/8/23Rob Wardle07799343348Westport Lake
20/8/23Club Charity Ride.
26/8/23Ant Bolding 07734509739Venetian Marina Nantwich
27/8/23Stephen Kane07922507849Brookside Garden Centre Poynton
2/9/23Rob Wardle07799343348Westport Lake. 9:30 start.
3/9/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Tilston (also Mobberley)
9/9/23Howard Davies 07521498999Higher Farm Byley
10/9/23Nick Bailey07710429364Knutsford Penny Farthing race
16/9/23Stephanie Cooke07770944800Snowdrop Café Grasslands
17/9/23John Eagle07813147767
23/9/23Mark Hopwood07580805714
24/9/23Steve CollierPrees Heath
30/9/23Rob Wardle07799343348Tour de Hanley
1/10/23Lesley NorburyHigh Legh converted to Snowdrop
7/10/23Rob Wardle07799343348Clay Coffee House Poynton
8/10/23Stephen Kane07922507849Green Kitchen Northwich
14/10/23Howard Davies07521498999Morley Tea Room Wilmslow
15/10/23Colin Bennett07969839885Kingfisher Poynton
21/10/23Ant Bolding07734509739Sutton and Co, Sutton
22/10/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Hetty’s Tea Shop Froghall
28/10/23Mark Hopwood07580805714Oakwood Marina
29/10/23John Eagle07813147767Railway Café Delamere
4/11/23Rob Wardle07799343348Goostrey Home and Leisure (TBD)
5/11/23Rachael Watson07704172352Park Cafe Wrenbury
11/11/23Howard Davies07521498999Beaches Golf Club Ollerton
12/11/23Stephen Kane07922507849Cholmondeley Castle Gardens, Malpas
18/11/23Ant Bolding07734509739
25/11/23Denise Hurst07712892575Minshulls Garden Centre
26/11/23Phil Holdcroft07904305934Longmans Farm Newhall Nantwich