Club Run List

For information concerning distances, start times and places, and for new riders please refer to Club-Runs.

Destinations are often added at the last minute. Some recent destinations are retained so ride leaders can see where we have been over the previous few months.

Where a route is available the destination is shown as a link into the club’s route directory.

6/8/22Nick Bailey07710 429364Waterside Bollington
7/8/22Phil Holdcroft07904305934Hollinsclough Chapel Tea Room
Previous Rides
6/11/21Bill Boynton07785394671Grasslands
7/11/21Stephen Kane07922507849Station Cafe Delamere
13/11/21Bob and Georgina Norton07854839254Drays Coffee Shop Eaton
14/11/21Colin Bennett07969839885Beeston Lockgate Cafe
20/11/21Mark Hopwood07580805714Cranford Cafe Knutsford
21/11/21Bob Norton07854839254Old Priest House Audlem
27/11/21Dave Lane 07830255145 Grasslands Lower Peover
28/11/21Colin Bennett07969839885Sainsburys Nantwich
4/12/21Dave Morgan 07825904737 Lambing Shed Knutsford
5/12/21Phil Holdcroft07904305934Roaches Tea Room
11/12/21Mark Hopwood07580805714Sutton Garden Centre
12/12/21Stephen Kane07922507849
18/12/21Steph Cook07770944800Minshulls Garden Centre
19/12/21Impromptu Ride
25/12/21NO RIDE
26/12/21 Impromptu Ride
1/1/22No ride. New Years Day walkSee calendar.
2/1/22Phil Holdcroft07904305934 Aqueduct Marina
8/1/22Bob and Georgina Norton 07854839254 Goostrey Home and Leisure (cancelled)
9/1/22Stephen Kane 07922507849 Old Priests House Audlem
15/1/22Rob Wardle 07799343348 Goostrey Home and Leisure
16/1/22Colin Bennett07969839885Sainsburys Nantwich
22/1/22Mark Hopwood 07580805714 Waterside Cafe Bollington
23/1/22Bob Norton07854839254 Dunham Massey
29/1/22Stuart Bailey07894007503 Beeches Golf Ollerton
30/1/22 Phil Holdcroft 07904305934 via Middlewich for MDTTA then Aquaduct Marina
5/2/22 Steph Cook 07770944800 Home and Leisure Goostrey
6/2/22 Stephen Kane 07922507849 Hungers Heath Tea Room
12/2/22 Bill Boynton 07785394671 Betley Tea Room
13/2/22 26/49 Mile Reliability. 49 mile has diversion to avoid Warmingham Lane in Middlewich.
19/2/22 Stuart Bailey 07894007503 Beeches Golf Ollerton
20/2/22 Bob Norton 07854839254 Rose Farm Utkinton
26/2/22Brian Campbell 07798602605 Minshulls near Crewe
27/2/22 65 Mile Reliability
5/3/22Mark Hopwood 07580805714 High Legh Garden Centre
6/3/22Stephen Kane07922507849Eccleshall
12/3/22Rob Wardle 07799343348 Glebe Farm, Astbury. Hilly.
13/3/22 100 Mile Reliability
19/3/22Bob & Georgina Norton07854839254 Oakwood Marina, Davenham
20/3/22Phil Holdcroft07904305934Cheddleton Tea Room
26/3/22Stuart Bailey07894007503 Drays Coffee Eaton
27/3/22 Hilly Reliability
2/4/22Howard Davies07521498999Barnshaw’s Smithy, Mobberley
3/4/22Phil Holdcroft07904305934Poffee Burwardsley
9/4/22Bob & Georgina Norton07854839254 Ice Cream Farm Great Budworth
10/4/22John Broadbent07751321645Tea Junction Hulme End
16/4/22Brian Campbell07798602605Minshulls Garden Centre
17/4/22ImpromptuEaster Day
23/4/22Ant Bolding07734509739Aqueduct Marina
24/4/22ImpromptuOverwater Marina
30/4/22Mark Hopwood07580805714Grasslands Lower Peover
1/5/22Phil Holdcroft07904305934Loynton Trout Fishery Norbury
07/05/22Rob Wardle07799343348Village Florist Cafe Sutton
08/05/22Colin Bennett07969839885Sainsbury’s Nantwich
14/05/22Howard Davies07521498999Lowes Farm Byley
21/05/22Steph Cooke07770944800Davenham Riverside Organic
28/05/22Ant Bolding07734509739Drays Eaton
29/05/22Phil Holdcroft07904305934Poffee Burwardsley
04/06/22Stuart Bailey07894007503Jubilee Vintage ride to Snowdrop Grasslands
05/06/22Rained off
11/06/22Brian Campbell07798602605Betley Tea Room
12/02/22Old Priest House Audlem
18/06/22Mark Hopwood07580805714Flora Cafe Henbury
19/06/22Fishpool Caravan Park Delamere
25/6/22Bob and Georgina Norton07854839254Dagfields Tea Room
26/6/22Steve Collier7:30am 114/122 mile special to Llangollen and the Horseshoe Pass
02/7/22Howard Davies07521498999Lambing Shed Knutsford
09/7/22Brian Campbell07798602605 Lowe Farm (Ginger and Pickles) Byley
10/7/22Denise Hurst07712892575Blaze Farm, Algreave
16/7/22Stuart Bailey07894007503Grasslands Snowdrop Cafe
17/7/22 Phil Holdcroft07904305934 Loynton Fishery
23/7/22Ant Bolding07734509739Sandy Lane Whirley
24/7/22 Phil Holdcroft07904305934 Old School Tearoom Wetton
30/7/22Rob Wardle07799343348Wizard Alderley Edge
31/7/22Phil Holdcroft07904305934Malpas Old Fire Station Cafe