Ex Club Route Directory

Led by Stephen Kane following a member survey in 2014, we have built a repository of GPX files for cycling routes, using Dropbox online storage, so that members can view routes against a map or download routes to load into their GPS device.

The routes are grouped into sections which correspond to regular club activities: Training / Saturday / Sunday / TT / Audax / Reliability and so on. Members can use these routes as guidance for leading a club activity, for informal rides with friends, or as an individual.  Routes are identified by some key place such as a café or given the identity of a TT courseor a reliability distance.

The routes should not be viewed as a constraint, but rather as a template for your own route planning (other than for competitive courses!).

If a route is selected or a new route plotted by Club Run Leaders, the route may be sent in advance of the ride to allow other bike computer users to download the route for use during the run. However, don’t worry if it is not possible to send a .gpx route for a ride in advance, since we also want variety. If someone records an alternative route or a route to a new destination it can be submitted and added to the directory. Members may also submit their own favourite routes and we will try to include them.

Our club owns a Garmin GPS which may be borrowed by members who volunteer to lead rides or who plan to submit routes as well as for personal riding projects.

We welcome new routes and comments (hazards, café closures or road changes, especially) on those already in the directory by email via to the email address below.  We will trim routes of start and finish particulars so that they start and finish at the Rugby Club, the Unicorn, or a suitable road junction. We also welcome volunteers to lead rides or gain experience by assisting ride leaders.

To those that previously volunteered to lead but have not yet had the time to take advantage of this opportunity, then we would be more than happy to hear from you and add your name to the next tranche of Club Run rides, you can contact us via the email address below.

Email address to send .gpx files, comments etc. Webmaster at Congleton Cycling Club

For access to the routes directory click on Dropbox for routes directory