Rules for Congleton C.C. Reliability Trials

1.   All participants must ride in an orderly manner in accordance with the law relating to road travel, not more than two abreast, and must extend reasonable courtesy to other road users.
2.   Group sizes on the road must be restricted to no more than 12 riders.
3.   Groups will be started a minimum of 5 minutes apart.
4.   If a group is caught, the slower group must allow the faster one to pull ahead and not “jump on”.
5.   Riders should single out when the rider at the front or the rear calls upon the group to do so. A good maxim is “If in doubt, single out”.
6.   The safest way to change pace makers is to have one line moving up and one dropping back. Changes can then be effected without ever being more than two abreast.
7.   All riders must ride with caution, particularly when returning through Congleton. Anyone “racing” for the finish is liable to be disqualified.
8.   All riders must sign on (and pay the entry fee).
9.   Riders who decide not to check in at the finish must inform the organiser. A mobile number will be available at the start.
10.       These rules will be displayed at the signing on desk at each event.

This is not a race.

Target Times


Distance 12.5m.p.h 15m.p.h. 18 m.p.h.
27 miles 2:10 1:48 1:30
49 miles 3:55 3:16 2:43
65 miles 5:20 4:20 3:37
100miles 8:00 6:40 N/A
150miles 12:00 10:00 N/A
Hilly 33 Target time 3 hours  



All riders are responsible for ensuring that they have: –

  • A roadworthy bike.
  • Third party insurance.

Entry Fees.

  • Congleton CC members    £3.00 Juniors £2
  • Others                                    £4.00 Juniors £3