Bob Job Attendance and TT Points Competitions

The following link provides access to the current data for these competitions as it builds up during the year.


 Bob Job Attendance Competition

The Bob Job Memorial Trophy was awarded to the member who accumulated the maximum number of points over a club year (AGM to AGM) based on riding in the TT series and helping or participating in various other events.

The Bob Job Memorial Trophy competition is awarded on attendance at all organised club events.

During the AGM to AGM year, an attendance point will be awarded for attending club nights, attending club runs,  riding or helping in Tuesday TTs  or the Open 50 promotion, riding in the club’s reliabilities and riding in the club-based Audax, and other events as approved by the club committee.

The evolving state of attendance points will be published from time to time and available via the link at the top of this page.

 Tuesday Time Trial Leagues

The programme of Tuesday evening Time Trials (use the quick link on the right to reach the current schedule) is the most keenly fought area of the club’s competitive riding. Early in 2014, it was proposed that we expand the opportunity to win within this series by running five league tables based on the results each Tuesday. For 2019 a mens and ladies scratch competition on *road bikes has been added making 7 leagues

The seven leagues are:

  1. Scratch which is decided purely on the time ridden.
  2. Handicap which is designed to reward improving riders rather than just the fastest riders.
  3. Juniors within which two trophies will be awarded for under 18s (under 19 on the 1st January) and under 16s (under 17 on the 1st January).
  4. Ladies.
  5. Veterans based on the VTTA standard tables which apply to riders who are over 40 on the day and have differential times for men and lady riders.
  6. Mens *Road Bike.
  7. Ladies *Road Bike
* Road Bike. There must be no tribars or other aero style clips on bars. Riders must not wear a skinsuit or an aero time trial helmet. Any wheels that comply with Cycling Time Trials regulations may be used .

All first claim CCC riders compete in the first two leagues. Ladies who are Juniors or over 40 on the day compete in four leagues. Men over 40 compete in three leagues.

Points are awarded as follows.

  1. Scratch, Handicap, and Veterans leagues. 30 points for a win, 29 for 2nd down to 1 point for 30th or below.
  2. Ladies and Junior Leagues. 10 points for a win, 9 for 2nd down to 1 point for 10th and below.

To give a bit of flexibility for holidays and other commitments, each rider’s total points in each league will be based on the best 12 points scores in that league. This might cancel the points from rides on different dates in different leagues.

Each Tuesday TT is reported for all riders (including visitors and second claim CCC members) with just rider times in a report best reached from the “Home” news stream or in the “Club TT Programme” quicklink.

For CCC first claim members, the points derived from these times in an event can be studied in an Excel spreadsheet (TT EVENT REPORT yyyymmdd) reached from the link at the top of this page.

The event report also shows the handicap applied in the handicap league for this event and the (tougher) handicap which will be used in the next event at that distance if the rider’s time was better than the previous handicap.

A rider has two handicaps one for 10 mile events and another for 25 mile events. These are derived from times ridden less a base amount of 20 minutes for a 10 mile event and 50 minutes for a 25 mile event.

New riders are given a zero handicap which will be changed to the time achieved on their first ride at each distance. Riders who participated in the previous year’s Tuesday TT series will start the year with a handicap based on the best time ridden (at each distance) during the previous year. So, the system also tracks the best time ridden in the current year so far.

A spreadsheet called TT LEAGUE TABLES shows all the riders points in each league so far this year. It also records the current handicap situation at both distances and the best time achieved at both distances so far this year.