Anti-Doping Policy

The use of performance-enhancing drugs and other doping behaviour severely damages the legitimacy of cycling and undermines the integrity of clean riders.

The fundamental anti-doping principle of strict liability means that a rider is responsible for their conduct, the decisions they make and the results of any test they undergo regardless of whether or not they intended to cheat.

It is therefore important that all riders conduct themselves within the rules and make informed decisions to ensure they race clean.” (British Cycling).

Congleton Cycling Club (The Club) supports drug free sport. We believe that cycling should be free from the use of performance enhancing substance abuse and other prohibited methods of performance enhancement. All riders should be able to compete in an environment where they can have confidence that others are not cheating.

The Club will seek to supply its members with antidoping information in line with that provided by the Governing Bodies of British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials.

The Club will recognise, accept and adhere to the antidoping rules set out by British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials (The Governing Bodies).

The Club will support any member during the investigation phase of any alleged antidoping rule violation (ADRV).

The Club will support all sanctions applied against any member as a result of transgressing antidoping rules.

The Club will review the membership of anyone who is sanctioned by UKAD or a governing body for an ADRV. They will not be allowed to participle in competitive club activities for the period of any ban.

The Club will appoint an antidoping contact/advisor.