Club Run 8th September 2019


What’s the best thing to have when you are leading a ride but the last thing you want when you come to write it up? An incident free ride. Six went to Beeston and had a good time. Actually less time than normal because our average speed was the highest I can remember for a Sunday ride, being a bit over 25kph (or even more over 15mph). It was a flat ride and we did have excellent conditions especially very little wind. The main problem today was either not freezing to death at the start or overheating at the end; it had been 5°C overnight and hadn’t warmed up a great deal when we set off at 9:30. But we got more cloud than the forecast had indicated so we were fine.

Food at the Beeston Lockgate Café was excellent despite the fact that they were very busy; beans, eggs and toast in various combinations seemed popular. 3 of us were trying out new shoes; maybe that’s why we went so fast – to rush back home before we got any blisters.

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